A recent survey reveals the high tech lengths that our other halves are willing to go to in the name of hair removal

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According to a recent survey from Syneron Candela, the world’s leading aesthetic laser company, 33% of men would now consider laser hair removal to beat their excess hair woes .

Hoping to upgrade their razors and chest waxes for something a little more long-term, it seems the once hairier of the sexes could get their wish thanks to the menu of three GentlePRO laser hair removal treatments. Having developed the world’s largest laser head to provide our fellas an option far-reaching enough to tackle the most densely forested and vast of manly limbs, the 24 mm size means that the procedure time is now cut by 28% and offers a safe wavelength for protecting skin at the surface while getting to work at eliminating the hairs underneath.

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Suitable for all skin types and colours with the exception of grey, white and very light blonde or red hair, the trio of treatments on offer have been designed to target the most requested areas that men book in for. Whether he opts for the Bare Back, the Chest Hair Bare or the Bare Butt, he can rest assured that he’ll be taking one techie step forward to staying fuzz-free for longer.

Men might well be  giving us a run in the beauty stakes after all .

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From £157, prices vary from clinic to clinic. For your local clinic, please call 0845 521 0698.  www.gentlelaserhairremoval.co.uk .