Korean skincare is booming, but what about haircare? Redken’s new hair mask innovation could be the answer to dry, frazzled hair. We put it to the test

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A mixture of hair colour and the endless winter we’re currently experiencing has left my hair feeling incredibly dry at the moment. Masks  are my go-to Sunday night indulgence for giving my parched ends a moisture boost however, sitting around with wet hair for half an hour waiting for the magic to happen can be a little time-consuming, not to mention messy. So when I heard that Redken was launching a new fuss-free weekly hair sheet mask to its already impressive roster of conditioners, I was eager to pop one on asap.

Inspired by the K-Beauty skincare trend for foil sheet masks , the new addition looks to provide a fast and convenient way to up dry hair’s hydration levels and improve its shine and manageability. Part of the brand’s new All Soft Mega collection, it features ingredients such as argan kernel oil, camellia seed oil, aloe vera  and glycerin to increase moisture and lock it in too.

Who’s it for?

Those whose hair’s feeling especially thirsty thanks to too much heat and/or hair colour. Thanks to its adjustable adhesive strip, it can be resized to suit any head shape and hair length.

How do you use it?

Looks-wise, it’s a bit like a giant gold swimming cap and the process of putting it on is somewhat similar (it gave me serious flashbacks of school swimming lessons - but without the flurries of talcum powder, hair snagging latex or having to tip my head upside down). After twisting my hair up, I wrapped it into the cap and fastened it in place with the adhesive strip. It felt a little alien at first and the strip did initially come off a few times however, once in place, it didn’t budge.

The conditioner lines the cap and so once it’s secure, you’re meant to gently massage it to distribute the product through lengths. After that, you leave it on for 5 to 10 minutes. I left it on for the full 10.

The verdict?

The mask’s key claims are to increase moisture, smooth the cuticle and make hair more manageable post-treatment. It delivered on all three counts plus, its fragrance lingered for an impressive amount of time afterwards too. Two days on and I’m still taking subtle sniffs of my ends while at my desk.

Would I use it again? Yes, I would. It was much tidier to use then a traditional hair mask and, while a little faffy to fit on at first, its chef hat/cap-like design meant my hair was out of the way and water didn’t drip down my back while I got on with some pressing Sunday night admin (watching Call the Midwife). If I were to use it again though, I’d take some of the product out from inside the cap and apply it directly onto my ends and extra dry areas near my hairline for more even coverage of my long hair.

At £10 a pop, it’s a fairly expensive weekly habit to get into. It would be great to see them sold as a multi-pack perhaps to provide a greater amount of bang for your buck. Singles are currently available at the moment for £7.50 on Look Fantastic  though in case you’re tempted to stock up. I just might.

Redken All Soft Mega Recovery Sheet Mask, £10.  Buy it online here .

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