The new Purely Perfect haircare range means you can ditch the conditioner for good

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A new ‘un-shampoo’ has hit our shores: it doesn’t lather, it doesn’t foam and it claims to leave your hair squeaky clean without stripping your hair and scalp.

So, does it work?

Although a sud-free shampoo feels strange at first, yes, it does. Created by Bumble and Bumble founder Michael Gordon, the new Purely Perfect range of haircare correctors helps to put right the consequences of over-washing and other previous shine-sapping hair sins, thanks to a detergent-free formula. Long term, it aims to reduce your hair washing schedule and prevent the scalp from over-producing oils, to truly transform hair from the inside out.

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Much like our Project Bikini diet plan , the key is in the ingredients and of course, portion control. A little goes a long way.

It contains aloe vera and essential oils and just one or two pumps of the Cleansing Crème , £35 to gently dissolve impurities will do. Finish with a rice-grained amount of the frizz-fighting Foundation Crème, £35 or heat-protecting Smooth Finish, £32 (both available later on this year from BeautyMART), and you’ll have a blow-dry that’s smooth, slick and full of body.

So, does your hair need conditioner? With this new range on your bathroom shelf, it looks like the answer is no.