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Any time a new Drunk Elephant  product drops it causes quite the stir in the office - the retinol cream  got us particularly excited - so you can imagine how excited we were when we learned the brand is launching haircare. Make space in your shower for Drunk Elephant shampoo, conditioner, scalp scrub and detangling spray. It just arrived in the UK to a very warm reception.

It has been created in collaboration with celebrity hairdresser Chris McMillan , who’s responsible for the locks of Jennifer Aniston, JLo  and Reese Witherspoon, who spilled the tea on his Instagram. The range has been in the making for two years, said Chris. “I'm terrible with secrets. But today is the day I can actually share how excited I am about this over 2-year project I've been working on. I am so proud and in love with this product and I know you will be too."

Drunk Elephant is famously free of what it calls 'The Suspicious 6': fragrance, and dyes, silicones, drying alcohol, essential oils, chemical sunscreens and SLS, ingredients that they believe are 'the root of almost every skin issue'. We expect the haircare range to be fully on-brand with ingredients that promote a healthy scalp as much as healthy hair.

"HEALTHY SCALP HEALTHY HAIR. It's as simple as that," said Chris. "Makes sense to collaborate with a skincare line to seamlessly head (no pun intended) to hair," Chris continued. It's all part of the increasing focus in haircare of 'skinification' - treating your scalp and locks with the same power ingredients as you would your face.

So what's included in the range? So far we've seen four products: Hair Wild Marula Tangle Spray , £21, Cocomino Marula Cream Conditioner , £21, Cocomino Glossing Shampoo , £21, and T.L.C. Happi Scalp Scrub , £30. The brand's hero ingredient marula oil  is front and centre with a focus on scalp care.

Drunk Elephant's founder Tiffany Masterson told InStyle: "Chris said, ‘Let’s do a product range that allows your hair to be what it is and removes all the stuff we don’t want on our strands or scalp. He knows hair and I know skin, and scalp is skin, so it just made sense for us to come together and develop a line that addresses both.”

It's available on Cult Beauty  and Space NK  currently; as it stands the shampoo and scalp scrub are out of stock on Cult Beauty - keep an eye out for a new drop on the site soon.