Breathe life into dull, dry and lacklustre hair with this ultra-soothing scalp spray

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Like the health of a tree stems from within its roots, the condition of hair is largely determined by the quality of the scalp - nurture it from the base and a beautiful flowing mane should follow suit.  However, after all the sun, sea, and sand of the summer, our scalps can take a bit of a beating. Overbaked, over-styled and exposed to further environmental stresses such as pollution and perspiration, it’s no wonder that come winter our locks are left lifeless and fragile. Enter Salon Science - your one stop shop to happy, healthy and heavenly looking hair.

A multi-functional marvel, the gentle formulation of this cooling spray has been developed to act as both an exfoliating scalp scrub as well as an advanced nourishing treatment. The rare wonder ingredient, ‘aquacacteen’ helps to shield both the hair and scalp against environmental stress and prevents further irritation, while added ingredients aloe and panthenol work to soothe and refresh itchiness, delivering a much needed hit of hydration to thirsty skin.

Spritz onto damp or dry hair - or alternatively, section hair and apply the product directly onto the desired area to soothe and rehydrate during the day.

Whether you’re suffering from a bad case of post-holiday hair or simply want to be able to revive tired tresses while out and about, this spray is exactly what you need this summer - trust us, your hair will love you for it.

Salon Science Hydrasoothe Cooling Spray, £9.33,  buy online

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