Just what makes Dyson's hairdryer, curling wand, hot brush combo special? And why people with fringes, short or fine hair and tight curls will love these new additions

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Back in 2018, Dyson's follow-up launch to the cult  Supersonic hairdryer,  made waves – quite literally. With its multiple attachments, the Air Wrap Styler promised to dry, curl, smooth and style hair using a previously unseen air flow technique that sucked your hair around the barrel in order to avoid damage from pulling hair around a hot iron.

It uses temperature-controlled airflow that never reaches above 150ºC to set beach waves and smooth curls without heat damage. It launched with a £399 price tag to much fanfare with six detachable heads. The idea is that you rough dry with the hairdrier attachment and then volumise, smooth or curl with your chosen flat brush round brush or wand head.

Apart from inventing an attachment that gets you out of bed in the morning, makes your coffee, and does the washing up, it's hard to see where else there is to go for this Swiss army knife of stylers – especially seeing as this year Dyson also came up with a cordless straightener, the Corrale.

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But wait! Up until now, the Air Wrap Styler brushes and barrels have been on the larger side at 30mm and 40mm - not so great on short hair, fine hair which struggles to retain larger curls or finges or for setting tighter curls. But now, two smaller 20mm brush and barrel attachments have been launched to fill the gap.

If you want extra buck for your bangs this is for you (if you don't have bangs and are feeling brave this is how to cut a fringe )

The new attachments are set to go on sale today £30 each at dyson.co.uk.  If you're thinking of investing in the full monty, here's your primer on all things Air Wrap.

How does the Dyson Air Wrap work?

It uses temperature-controlled airflow that never reaches above 150ºC. Given that your average wand operates at 190ºC, you may be wondering exactly how the Air Wrap coaxes straight hair into beachy waves or curly hair into smoother, longer lengths without the heat ‘setting’ element…

The Coanda effect

Not a high brow literary thriller, but the name given to the air pressure generated by the Air Wrap’s digital motor. It’s the lightest motor yet in the Dyson family, but it means that your hair is swept around barrel of the Air Wrap (in a controlled manner) and the powerful airflow essentially styles your hair for you without extremely high temperatures or clamping, winding or tugging which can make your hair snap and fall out. Think of it more as 'jet styling' than heat styling and the result is healthier hair that looks professionally coiffed without being exposed to searing temperatures.

Styling options are akin to a salon

Want volume at the roots? Full Veronica Lake waves? A soft and swishy blow-dry? Air Wrap at your service. There are three models to choose from to suit all hair types:

Airwrap Smooth+Control Styler £399  with a firm smoothing brush to style thick, coarse hair, along with 30mm and 40mm waving barrels, a pre-styling dryer, a filter cleaning brush, non-slip mat and storage case.

Airwrap Volume+Shape Styler £399  with a soft smoothing brush designed to add body to flat, thin hair along with a 30mm barrel, round volumising brush a pre-styling dryer, a filter cleaning brush, non-slip mat and storage case.

Airwrap Complete, £449  with, as the name implies, the complete package in a swanky storage coffer, with everything bar the new smaller heads. If you have longer hair, it also comes in an  Airwrap Long Barrel Complete Hair Styler, £499.

There’s a monthly payment plan

Which is just as well given that the full monty is almost half a grand. You can pay in 12 monthly installments of £35.91, or £40.40 for the Air Wrap Complete. That’s probably the equivalent of a swanky blow dry appointment per month, so if you can master the airflow, the fact that this takes hair from sopping wet to shiny and styled to your exact specifications (you can use the attachments once it’s roughly 80 per cent dry) on a daily basis could make perfect economic sense.

It’s a big-ticket buy but, like your sofa or white goods, there’s a 35-day free return policy if you don’t get on with it. As soon as we get our hands on one we’ll air our views…

Dyson Air Wrap Styler, from £399,  buy online 

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