Hair genius, Sam McKnight gives us his top tips and tricks on how to have effortless-looking hair all summer long

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It’s no exaggeration to say that hairdresser, Sam McKnight is legendary. He’s the man behind some of the coolest hair looks you will have ever seen and has styled the likes of Kate Moss, Lady Gaga, Madonna and Elle Macpherson…just a casual list of a-list clients. And he's always been Get The Gloss' go-to stylist to create amazing how-to looks like how to do forties hair.

So, when we wanted someone to show us, once and for all, how to create cool girl, summer waves it was a no-brainer that it would be his hair styling brain that we would pick. And the great news is you only need two products, tongs and a little bit of patience. Here’s how he does it.

Step 1:

It’s best to have slightly dirty hair as it will help the waves hold better. Although when we went to see Sam, he did quickly wipe one of his Lazy Girls Biodegradable Hair Cleanse Cloths, £17 around and into our hairline. “These are not dry shampoo, they’re not adding anything to the hair to make it cleaner, these are literally just taking away any dirt and oil that’s in the hair. They’re perfect for after the gym or for when your hair gets stuck in your lipgloss! I use them on models backstage all the time because when they come to see me they have so much makeup in their hair.

Step 2:

Next, divide your hair into sections. Sam created the classic hairdresser ‘hot cross bun’ section, but you can divide your hair however you want. Before tonging, Sam roughly sprayed each section with his Modern Hairspray Multi-Tasking Styling Mist, £22. “Not only does this provide heat protection but it gives the hair a bit of hold and texture,” explains Sam.

Step 3:

Then, you start tonging. Sam is a huge fan of the Babyliss Pro Ceramic Dial-A-Heat Tongs, £39.99 but if you find them too fiddly he recommends using a curling wand that you can simply wrap the hair around, instead of having to clamp. Sam’s biggest tip is to alternate the direction you’re tonging your hair. "By doing this you will stop the hair looking too uniform and it will stop it looking too 80s bridesmaid.” And remember not to tong the ends of the hair, “keeping the ends straight will give your waves that more modern, cool-girl hair look.”

Step 4:

Once he finishes tonging, Sam uses his fingers to really loosen up all the waves to break them up and give the hair as much movement and definition as possible. “Don’t be afraid to move your hair around once you’ve tonged it, that’s what will stop it from looking overly styled and make your waves look effortless.”

And it really is that simple. Easy breezy waves in just four simple steps. That’s our hair sorted for the summer.