For Elle, healthy-looking hair is all about diet, the right colourist, great styling products and her own clever moisture-boosting technique …

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My hair is part of me – I’ve always worn it long, even when I was younger. My mum used to threaten to cut it off if I behaved inappropriately at all. As a child, a wore a fringe. Mum used to cut it but it wasn’t always straight, much to my horror! I think I get my hair from her – she has a rich, full head of hair, while my dad’s hair is thinning.

My hair is a big influence on the way my face looks. A good cut and colour can change everything and that’s why I look to my hair specialist Josh Wood  for advice. Josh is not only a dear friend but a global colour expert and I am very much guided by him. He recently suggested I return to my softer more natural colour, which I have I and love. He always keeps my hair looking fresh and modern and natural. Josh has been in the business for 30 years and has a brilliant eye. I trust him implicitly to keep my hair in great condition and with colour that flatters my skin tone and lifestyle.

For a more beachy and casual feel, I sometimes see Daphne Evangelista in Miami, where I live. She understands Brazilian sexy hair. When I’m off duty in the summer, I love her beach waves. I’ll have a trim whenever I see hair looking split frayed or fried.

I’ve had plenty of hair mishaps in my time, like getting hair stuck in a brush while blow drying - so much so that I had to cut out the brush. Once I got chewing gum stuck in a huge clump of hair – another cutting out operation! I then had to cut the other side of my head to match the shorter hair. It wasn’t a good year while that grew out. I also remember putting Sun-In in my hair when I was 18 right before a Sports Illustrated shoot. It turned orange! I was mortified.

I’ve never had the courage to cut all my hair off, however, I once wore a wig for a Paris Vogue shoot. It was a pixie style that I loved. Maybe I’ll just borrow a wig!

I’m fortunate I have no grey – I think this is largely to do with my diet and state of wellbeing and somewhat genetic

I’ve always tried to look after my hair using modern products and a few old-fashioned ones like washing it in vinegar or beer for extra shine. But a few years ago, I was feeling really run down, despite living what I thought was a healthy lifestyle and taking an array of synthetic supplements. I noticed my hair went fine and lacked lustre. All this changed when I switched to a plant-based diet, started sleeping more and taking my Super Elixir  alkalising greens which have been the best hair remedy by far. Many of our customers report the same experience, thanks to the 45 plant botanicals that a so quickly absorbed into the mitochondria of the cell, helping to support hair skin and nails.

Photograph by Billie Scheepers

Because lots of texture and volume are important for me, when my hair feels flat or lacklustre, I increase my daily dose of The Super Elixir  greens. It’s formulated with horsetail extract, which contains silica, a mineral that works to strengthen hair and improve sheen and texture. The formula also contains selenium, which is a mineral that is essential for hair growth as it helps the body process iodine, which regulates hair growth as well.

I’m fortunate I have no grey; I think this is largely to do with my diet and state of wellbeing and somewhat genetic. Josh Wood specialises in grey hair management and has formulated incredible home hair colour products  for people to look after it at home. Fortunately, I don’t need them yet but know where I would go if grey became my norm.

My favourite hair products and how to use them

For washing

I shampoo and condition every two to three days using Oribe Shampoo  £31 and Oribe Conditioner  £35 – they smell great. Oribe Canales (the hairstylist and founder of Oribe Haircare  ) is a great hair technician and the quality of that product works for me.

For deep conditioning

WelleCo Organic Rose Geranium Crème  £29 is a luxe multi-purpose moisturiser for skin and hair. I fill my swimming cap with it while doing my laps, or in summer I like to walk around with my hair coated with it. It’s a nice wet-look style!  Formulated with Australian organic olive oil and essential oils, it provides intense nourishment and acts as a revitalising masque. It keeps my hair looking and feeling super healthy and hydrated. I also wear a cowboy hat to protect my hair from the sun whenever I'm at the beach.

Blow drying vs air drying

I usually air-dry my hair because I'm not very skilled with a blow-dryer! Also, it’s great to give hair a rest and no need to waste environmental energy using dryer unnecessarily. Once I’ve washed it, I put it up into a knot on top of my head. When I take it down I get sort of a messy wave. To stop it tangling throughout the night, I sleep on a Slip silk pillowcase  £79. It means my hair (and my skin) slip rather than grab onto the fabric which means fewer knots and wrinkles in the long term.

Styling at home

I like a good beach spray to create texture, which is so important when you have highlights and lowlights as I do. I absolutely love Sam McKnight styling products, especially Lazy Girl Dry Shampoo  £19 and  Cool Girl Barely There Texture Mist  £25. They’re the best products on the market and I love their packaging and simplicity and yet their efficacy. They smell delicious too. Any of them are great for creating texture. I simply spritz it through the crown, mid-lengths and ends or throw hair upside down and spritz liberally into roots.

… and red carpet

My hair stylist Eamonn Hughes uses Sam McKnight hair products on me when we’re working together on shoots. I can really tell the difference. For evening events I love sexy, polished hair – not too wavy but enough to have some movement. I would love to be able to pull it all back off my face – but it doesn’t suit me, it’s a look I envy for evening.

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