She’s back and trust us, her new song’s been worth the wait. We caught up with Ellie and her makeup artist Lucy Wearing, to find out about the products that they swear by

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Ellie Goulding’s back and better than ever. Her new Diplo-produced track, Close To Me, has just dropped and it’s set to become your new season anthem (I’m actually listening to it for the umpteenth time as I type).

Ronan Park

When it comes to her musical stylings, the multi-award winning singer has the magic touch, a skill that’s extended to her choice of beauty looks over the years too. Despite jetlag, a jam-packed schedule and early shoot times, she always looks like she’s had a great night’s sleep - what’s her secret? From a brightening concealer to de-stressing candles and cryotherapy , here are the products and treatments she and her makeup artist Lucy Wearing, really rate.

The products that Ellie always has on standby

Tata Harper Hydrating Floral Essence, £59 for 50ml

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“Tata Harper is one of those brands that actually works. I use their Floral Essence Spray a lot - it’s really lightweight so I’ll use it on a flight, spray it straight in my face to wake me up in the mornings(!) and use it before bed too.”

Neom Tranquility and Happiness candles, £16

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“I love Neom and what they promote - wellbeing, happiness and stress relief. I especially like these candles, as soon as you light them, they instantly change the mood of a room.”

Pantene 3 Minute Miracle Repair and Protect, £3.99 for 200ml

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“I’ve been using this a lot lately - not only does it inject your hair with nutrients, but it repairs the damage done to it too. It’s been a busy couple of years and I’ve been training and boxing a lot -  three minutes isn’t too long a time or too short, just the right amount, so it fits into my lifestyle really well.”

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Harvey Nichols Cryo Treatment, £95

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“It makes you feel very awake and your skin instantly feels reset and firmer. I do it every morning and would definitely recommend doing the treatment every day as it resets circulation.”

The ins and outs of Lucy’s kit bag

Oxygenetix Foundation, £45 for 15ml

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“I’ve been using this on Ellie a lot recently - it really melts into the skin and doesn’t sit on top. I use a small buffing shadow brush first and then work it into the skin with my hands, blending it into the areas where I want sheer coverage. It looks like skin rather than foundation on skin.”

Glossier Mint Balm Dotcom, £10 for 15ml

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“I love this - it’s so fresh and minty and it really relieves dry, chapped lips. It also doesn't turn you into an addict and make you feel like you need to use it again after 10 minutes like others do.”

Sisley Phyto-Cernes Eclat, £59.40 for 15ml

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“This has a great creamy texture and there is enough warmth in the product to knock out blueness/dark circles under the eyes. It doesn't sit in and accentuate fine lines and gives a natural sheer finish.”

MAC Studio Finish Concealer, £16.50

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“This gives amazing opaque coverage, is long-lasting, has an SPF of 35 and is also non-acnegenic. It’s even waterproof too!”

RMS Living Luminizer, £36

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“I’m trying to introduce more sustainable and non-toxic brands into my kit - RMS is a great example of a brand with a green ethos that takes sustainability seriously from packaging to product manufacturing. They have the best highlighter called 'Living Luminizer.’ I use it on Ellie, along with their Lip2Cheek in Smile , £34, and Spell , £34. I apply them using a soft brush. Their textures are beautifully sheer and they give a natural flushed finish.”

Kevyn Aucoin The Essential Eyeshadow Palette 1, £46

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“This is my go-to palette for Ellie. It’s one that I keep going back to at the moment especially for a naturally-toned contoured eye. The pink-based browns give a fresh skin finish and the subtle light reflective ivory highlighter shade works really well with Ellie’s colouring.”

Kevyn Aucoin Volume Mascara, £22

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“This doesn’t smudge, flake or drop and you can remove it really easily with warm water.”

Bobbi Brown Retouching Powder, £30

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“This is unbelievably fine and soft. The peach shade helps to keep the skin bright and the finish isn’t powdery - skin still looks like skin.”

Charlotte Tilbury Lipstick in Bitch Perfect, £24

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“This has a great texture and great durability - it’s the perfect pink tone for Ellie.”

Fake Bake 60 Minute Spray Tan, £27 for 236ml

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“This is Ellie’s favourite fake tan. It develops into a very natural-looking colour that’s great for light skin tones in particular.”

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