With two very different hair textures, Jemma and SJ from the GTG team tried the new Fabriq Quick Fix hair treatment that promises to smooth and strengthen hair in just 30 mins. But how did they both find it?

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Adding a professional in-salon hair treatment onto your regular cut and colour, or whatever you head to the hair salon for is one of those things we should all be doing more frequently (much like applying more body lotion). This is because in-salon hair treatments are more potent, and therefore more effective than even the best at-home bond repair hair treatments. However, the additional time and cost are probably the factors that prevent us. So what if we were to tell you that there’s a new in-salon treatment that takes under half an hour, costs £40 and leaves your hair smoother and stronger? You’d be intrigued right? So were we! That’s why SJ and Jemma from the GTG team went to try out the new Fabriq Quick Fix treatment. Jemma has thick, textured afro hair whilst SJ has coloured, fine and frizzy hair, both of which are suitable - if not ideal - for the treatment.

What is the Fabriq Quick Fix treatment?

First things first, let’s explain who Fabriq are. Once upon a time they were called KeraStraight, whom you might have heard of. KeraStraight became known for their straightening treatment that wasn’t dissimilar to a Brazilian blow-dry. They’ve had a slight rebrand and also created some new in-salon treatments with the sole aim to offer up professional-grade hair treatments that have instant results, don’t cost a fortune or take too long and are stocked in salons all over the country.

There are two versions of the Fabriq Quick Fix Treatment; Rebuild or Rehydrate. Kayleigh Twigg, Senior Stylist at Brooks and Brooks Salon (who did SJ’s treatment) explained the difference between the two. “The treatments infuse the hair with either protein to make it stronger from the inside (this is the Rebuild) or moisture to make hair more hydrated (this is the Rehydrate). The Rebuild treatment is great for hair that has been coloured or had any kind of chemical processes, such as a perm or chemical relaxant as this type of hair will have open cuticles. That is key because the protein can get into the core of the hair and strengthen it from the very centre. A lot of people associate protein with making hair feel hard but these are really light wheat proteins that make hair feel soft and supple and look shiny too. I also recommend the Rebuild treatment for blondes as that is a hair type that naturally needs more protein in it.” One Rebuild treatment for SJ.

But how about the Rehydrate version? “This is ideal for someone who straightens their hair a lot or puts their hair through a lot of heat damage, but their hair hasn’t been overly processed.” That’s not to say that it doesn't work for people who have colour in their hair. “People who die their hair darker or a colour that doesn’t require bleach can benefit from Rehydrate. It’s also great for anyone who’s in the sun a lot. Unlike the Rebuild treatment, Rehydrate just works on the outside of the hair making hair feel softer and more hydrated.” The dream treatment for Jemma.

Kayleigh went on to explain that you can switch between both treatments on alternate appointments, but she would always recommend anyone with bleach in their hair to start with Rebuild first and then have Rehydrate. “It’s important to build up the strength of the hair first and then we can work on the outside.”

How does the Fabriq Quick Fix treatment work?

As the aim of this treatment (regardless of which version you have) is to cut down on time, to encourage people to have it done there are far fewer steps than most other professional hair treatments.

  • Shampoo. Hair is quickly washed using regular shampoo to open up the cuticles of the hair.
  • Quick dry #1. Hair is then towel-dried and not even brushed through because the treatment detangles as it gets to work.
  • Treatment application. The treatment is massaged onto the hair in sections and can be applied more liberally in areas that might need some extra TLC like around the hairline. By massaging the product in the protein treatment gets pushed into the cuticle more effectively and the moisture treatment covers all the hair.
  • Quick dry #2. The hair is then roughly dried, with no brushing required, with a hairdryer to activate the product. The time for this will vary on hair length and hair type but it’s probably 10 minutes max.
  • Final rinse. One last trip to the back-wash and then it’s washed out before a final blow-dry.

Our verdict of the Fabriq Quick Fix treatment

SJ had the Fabriq Quick Fix Rebuild:

“I am a fair-weather hair treatment girl, whether that’s having them in the salon or using one of the best hair masks for bleached damaged hair at home. I always mean to do them more frequently, because the results are always brilliant, but I just never seem to have the time. That’s why Quick Fix appealed. The whole thing took less than 30 minutes (disclaimer: I have short, shoulder-length hair that’s very quick to dry and Kayleigh is speedy). The results? My hair felt so soft after. I am very prone to frizz but for the next few weeks, that wasn’t an issue at all. Whilst Kayleigh kept telling me this is in no way a straightening treatment - which it definitely isn’t - my hair was so much smoother and easier to manage that I think by default it ended up being a bit straighter too.”

Jemma had the Fabriq Quick Fix Rehydrate:

“I have super thick afro-textured hair, which is fairly quite reactive — a touch of water or a hint of humidity in the air sends my locks into a frizzy frenzy. So naturally, I was both intrigued and a tad sceptical to see if this treatment would actually help me manage my hair. I had the Rehydrate mask, which is ideal for coarse, dry or damaged hair like mine. Overall, the treatment (including a wash, treatment and style) took just over an hour to complete. Not bad considering it takes me about two and half hours at home myself! What was even more impressive was the overall texture of my hair. I stepped into the salon with dry, straw-like strands and left with incredibly smooth hair with a glossy sheen. For the next few months, I definitely noticed a difference in the condition of my hair. My flyways and frizz were a lot tamer, and my hair wasn’t as temperamental during the unpredictable rainy season. If you’re stuck in a hair rut like myself and just need a little extra hand with the day-to-day management of your hair, I’d 100% recommend this. I had the treatment back in September 2022 and it lastest over 12 washes (I wash my hair every week and a half). It’s saved me so much time and effort and plus I'm not causing any damage in the long run. It’s a win-win!”

Fabriq Quick Fix treatments start from £40. To find your nearest salon head to https://www.fabriqhair.com/