Famed for creating Meghan Markle's artfully 'undone' wedding hair, hairdresser George Northwood has finally launched his own haircare collection from £12 and a renage of heat tools too

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Anyone who admired Meghan Markle's signature messy bun or her laid-back 'undone' wedding hair will know they were the work of hairdresser George Northwood and now we can all get a slice of the Northwood magic with the launch of his first-ever haircare collection, Undone.

Launching today in Boots the vegan, cruelty-free range comprises of 20 products, from shampoo to wave spray to tongs, starting from £12. So what sets it apart from other stylist ranges?

Rather than overcomplicating haircare with multiple steps and products, the collection is designed to 'undo' the mystery surrounding hair care. "Women still feel lost when it comes to their hair," says George, who created the range in response to the real women's hair woes he saw every day in his salon.

George called the range Undone after his signature style, "but I also wanted to 'undo' the maze of hair. Many people have a distorted view of what their hair is like," he says, calling it "hair dysmorphia".

"They might think their hair is drier than it actually is so are using products that are too rich. I've seen the biggest difference in hair just by prescribing a different shampoo," he says. "Undone solves the problem with lighter products for damaged hair."

There will also be 'how-to' and advice videos to accompany the launch to make the most out of the collection.

George's 'undone' trademark look was famously seen Meghan's wedding hair. He also styles Alexa Chung's iconic mussed-up bob and Rose Huntington-Whiteley's signature tousled waves. "The collection is for women who want natural-looking hair and do not wish to look as if they have just visited the hairdressers but instead, have just stepped off an editorial shoot," George says.

The products are divided into four easy-to-understand categories: Undirty, which is for everyday cleaning and includes the Undirty Shampoo and Conditioner, from £12, Unparched Shampoo and Conditioner, from £12, for dry hair, Undamaged which is to restore damaged hair to its former glory, including the Undamaged Shampoo and Conditioner, from £12 and Unpolluted Shampoo, from £12, which strips hair of unwanted build-up and helps protect against pollution.

Styling products in the Undone collection including the Wave Holding Spray, £15, Volume Spray, £15 and Moisturising Cream, £15, and tools include Curl It Tongs, £65, Blow Dry It Hairdryer, £65, and the Straighten of Wave it Flat Iron, £55. Undone has sustainable credentials too; the products are housed in aluminum bottles and every part of the packaging can be recycled, including the pumps, something which is notoriously difficult.

Read on to discover which Undone collection is right for you.

Undone Undirty Shampoo and Conditioner, from £12 for 250ml

For everyday use, the Undirty range is your staple hair washing duo, made with fermented minerals and betaine derived from sugar beet to help give hair a daily dose of shine, strength, anti-frizz and hydration.

Undone Unparched Shampoo and Conditioner, from £12 for 250ml

Created for thirsty hair, this duo uses a kale protein blend to trap moisture into dry hair to lock in hydration for glossy shine.

Undone Undamaged Shampoo and Conditioner, from £12 for 250ml

Colour or heat damaged hair will be revived by this duo, formulated with a nourishing vegetable protein complex to help reduce breakage and encourage hair strength. Creatine helps to repair the damaged bonds for healthier looking hair.

Undone Unpolluted Shampoo, from £12

Designed to be used as a weekly detox, this gently strips build-up while creating a barrier against atmospheric and UV pollution.

Undone Wave Holding Spray, £15

For those signature Huntington-Whiteley Waves, this is the ideal choice. It locks waves in place and protects from heat at the same time.

  Undone Volume Spray, £15

Say goodbye to flat hair; this adds texture and volume to the hair pre-styling. You'll have a free-moving Alexa-style bob in no-time.

Undone Moisturising Cream, £15

If you find your hair too silky to style, this gives it that 'day-old' feel which makes it perfect for styling. It increases hair volume, reduces frizz and makes it every to run a brush through your lengths, to minimise breaking.

Curl It Tongs, £65

These have a 26mm medium barrel to make long, loose waves à la Markle. You can tell they're hairdresser-designed because they have a cool tip you can hold onto while styling to ensure no burned fingers.

Blow Dry It Hair Dryer, £65

Ultra-light so you don't get an achey arm while drying your hair, this has precision heat and power settings to dry your hair in next to no time

Straighten or Wave It Flat Iron, £55

The soft edge on this iron means you can create either a straight or wavy style. The plates are flexible to hold your hair in place while you run the iron down it, and the 360-degree swivel cord makes them easy to twirl if you're creating mermaid waves.

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