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I love my straighteners, but a stroke too many and I end up looking like a cocker spaniel. Not a good look, which is why when I heard that ghd was launching a new hot brush with 'second day styling' needs in mind, I was eager to give it a try. If you're on the same wavelength, you'll be pleased to know that it's got 32 per cent off in honour of Amazon Prime Day , making it £93.99  rather than the usual £139.

My past experiences of hot brushes have been largely positive - they provide the smoothness of a straightener and the movement of a blowdry, and come in especially handy when my hair starts to fall a little flat a couple of days after washing it. The ghd glide  hot brush offers a cut above the rest though courtesy of some hair-raising design features: long detangling outer bristles that are cool to touch so you can get them right into the root, short inner bristles for creating the requisite amount of tension for shaping, anti-static ionic tech that also reduces frizz, and 185°C uniform heat distribution for fast and sleek results. Definitely a step up from my normal bristle brush.

First impressions

It was quite big. However, its size is what makes it better able to tackle large sections of hair at a time (especially handy for those who have long hair like mine). Heat up time is about a minute, longer than the couple of seconds it takes for my Platinum+ hair styler  to spring into action. Not a big deal though, as I just used the extra time to spray my hair with heat protection spray.

What it’s like to use

When it comes to getting the most out of it, it’s best to keep it simple. “Think about using it like you would use your hairbrush – moving it around in different directions to create different finishes and tweaks to your look,” recommends ghd UK ambassador, Zoe Irwin. “Rather than brushing your hair through with quick strokes, I find the best effect is when you really do glide it through the length of your hair, slowly and smoothly.” With this technique, I was able to speedily smooth over any frizz with minimal snagage. I’d recommend giving your hair a good brush with a regular hairbrush beforehand though to keep your efforts snap-free.

To create a bit of movement at the ends, I alternated between using it over and underneath my hair, curling it inwards for a soft flicked-in finish. In less than five minutes, I was done.

The verdict

I was really impressed by the newest addition to the ghd family. It was quick and easy to use and I especially loved how it didn’t make my hair poker straight - it gave my mid-lengths and ends the kind of post-blowdry ‘swish’ factor that I usually only get when I step out of a salon. If you’re looking for soft volume and movement, and a speedy way to look a little more put together when you roll out of bed in the mornings, this could well become your new power tool over a pair of straighteners.

The ghd glide is available to buy now.

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