The following gift ideas are as close as its gets to boxing up health and happiness. For a warm and fuzzy feels, this is your list…

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Amongst the cracker pulling, turkey prepping and party hosting, Christmas is a time to rest, although with all of the above going on it sometimes doesn’t quite feel as peaceful as anticipated. Enhance a relative or friend’s wellbeing with the following, however, and they should feel pretty serene into the new year and beyond. If you happen to be the one in dire need of a child’s pose and chill out session, leave this tab open.

Hush Ruby Robin PJ Gift Set

As far as wellbeing accessories go, PJs and chocolate are pretty much indispensable. This Hush set is essentially a cosy night in in boxed form, and the pyjamas are elegant enough to swan about it all day at the in-laws without any risk of slobby accusations. The fact that you get to choose from three very sophisticated flavours of chocolate also puts this set into luxurious and ladylike territory. A break from the communal Quality Street for a slab of dark raspberry, dark hazelnut and sea salt or milk rose will likely go down a treat.

Buy online , £50

Aevi Winter Wellness Box

If you’d like to take the wellbeing emergency kit one step further, the natural wellness curators behind the seasonal Aevi box have filled the winter edition with green goodies that aim to help you to support others and also share the love throughout the year’s darkest days. Within you’ll find two silk and 18k gold friendship bracelets, Mauli Rituals Healing Himalayan Salts, a hand-poured soy mantra candle by Ria Ray, a herbal Skin Stick by Earth Tu Face and a wacky box of rainbow vegan, organic chocolates. There’s an option of bespoke gift wrapping to make the Aevi experience all the more personal, but that does add to the already not insubstantial price tag.

Buy online , £120

Selfish Mother Charity Jumper

To continue the selflessness theme, if you’re not giving a friendship bracelet to express that you care, a cosy charity jumper will convey just such a message. The MOTHER sweatshirts,tops and tees from the Selfish Mother range in particular are bestsellers, with up to 50% of each sale going towards charities such as Save The Children, Refugee Support Europe and Women For Women International, but seasonal additions such as Hurrah For Gin (£10 per sale donated to writing and mentoring charity Little Green Pig) and Nutcracker (50% of sales donated to Save The Children) will appeal to all.

Buy online  from £20

PAMA London Chakra Leggings

For more clothes with a conscious, if you’ve got the cash to splash of these leggings, they’re really quite remarkable. Made from 89% recycled charcoal bamboo, these 110 eco-friendly yoga and sports leggings tick the performance boxes as well as the environmentally sound ones, being sweat-wicking, water resistant and beautifully cut (the waistband is both gloriously high and seriously comfortable). The gold chakra symbols down the back of the leg represent different centres of energy in our bodies, which a true yogi giftee would no doubt appreciate, but for the rest of us they’re a very cool detail.

Buy online , £110

Jessica de Lotz Small Zodiac Necklace

Another splurge for the more spiritual of recipients, this wax seal designed necklace can be tailored to tiny detail, with the option to pick your own plating, have the pendant engraved and of course select your desired zodiac sign. The seal features a set diamond, the hand stamped pendant ensures that no two necklaces ever look the same and the necklace clasp is signed by jewellers Jessica de Lotz and collection designer Louise Androlia. Get in quick to order by Christmas, as each necklace is handmade with a lead time of two weeks.

Buy online , £300

Therapie Relax Me Kit

If you suspect that a loved one need to close the door on the world for half an hour a so to achieve a bit of calm, this kit plus an offer to babysit/ cook/ do the dishes will be a revelation. Combining aromatherapist Michelle Roques-O’Neil’s award winning Himalayan bath salts, immunity-revving essential oil based Protect bath and body elixir and a clean, pure eco soy candle, this restorative bundle has the power to put frazzled bodies and minds back on track, even if just temporarily.

Buy online , £24

Aromatherapy Associates The Ultimate Bath Collection

Taking bathing to a whole new level, this wardrobe of bath and shower oils features iconic blends such as Inner Strength and Deep Relax with a variety of other bath time tonics to fit your every mood and requirement, from breathing easier when you’re stuffy to soothing aching muscles. Designed to be applied to the body pre-shower or added to a running bath, the bath oils leave skin soft and smooth, but what they do for your mindset is the main draw.

Buy online , £60

Nike Textured Foam Roller

Speaking of winding down, there’s no better way to relieve actual physical tension than having a good old roll, and this textured massage tool takes easing out tight hamstrings and stiff quads to a whole new level. If a sporty loved one doesn’t have a deep tissue masseuse on speed dial and is training regularly, they’ll wonder how they lived without this. A textured surface with strategically placed ridges is ideal for tackling isolated areas, while the hollow core facilitates the application of firm pressure, meaning less soreness and speedier recovery post-workout. Surprisingly lightweight, wrapping this up and adding it to tree pile is sure to provoke a lot of family intrigue too…

Buy online , £30

This Works Sleep Plus+ Hair Elixir

Combining great sleep and great hair is surely gifting gold, and this botanical bedtime spritz goes above and beyond to deliver on both the sweet dream and swooshy hair promise. Taking the soporific qualities of the This Works now cult pillow mist and adding a conditioning oil blend, the theory is that by applying this spray to wet or dry ends and lengths, you’ll breathe in the calming aroma of lavender and chamomile as the likes of jojoba argan and baobab oils get to work on dull, party ravaged hair. In short, it’s a double duty cocktail that’ll do you good, and possibly go some way towards masking evidence on any actual cocktails consumed, due to all the sleep and shiny hair. Maybe.

Buy online , £25

The Ladybird Book of Mindfulness

If you know someone who likes their wellness tongue in cheek, we’ve got the manual for that in the form of this satirical take on the mindfulness phenomenon. Featuring large, clear type and ‘frequent repetition’, this little tome draws on familiar Ladybird illustration and layout to royally send up the sillier sides of the wellness business. Any healthista with a sense of humour will love it, and as stocking fillers go it’s ideal for grown-ups who appreciate both nostalgia and a bit of piss-taking in equal measure.

Buy online , £3.49

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