One of the best hairbands we’re tried, the new Beauty To Go hair accessories from Hershesons are the stocking fillers that thick hair, fine hair and unruly hair will love

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Whether top knots, braids, ponytails, buns or man buns feature heavily in your loved one’s updo line up, a good hairband can make all the difference between it flying high or falling flat. So, for a hairband they won’t want to lose in a hurry, look no further than the new Beauty To Go hair accessories from Hershesons.

Snag and snap resistant, simple yet surprisingly strong, the range’s Brown Bands , £3.95, in particular, have not only kept our party season hairstyle switch ups in check, but also put a lid on our stellar hairband drop ‘n’ loss records (literally and figuratively), thanks to their handy little jars that have slotted perfectly into our handbags too.

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Slim but strong, they’ve even managed to hold up this GTG writer’s boisterous (read: unmanageable) mane in its fight against gravity; with the sportier pink, black and grey variety , £5.50, working great for a workout (plus also looking great on your wrist too).

Could these be the best hairbands we’ve tried? Well, let’s just say they won’t be making their way to the bottom of our handbags any time soon...

The Hershesons range of hairbands and hair ties can be  bought online here  and cost from £3.95.

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