In her new column for GTG following the health and beauty dos and don'ts of celebrities, Emma Gunavardhana asks: are Cara’s laddered tights actually a line in the style sand?

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Cara Delevingne; whether you think she’s an indulged teenager or the most exciting model to hit a catwalk since Kate Moss, this week we should pay her some extra attention.  That’s right: like it or not, Cara might have accidentally signposted the shape of things to come…

Heading out in London to support Rihanna’s latest range for River Island, it’d be easy to think Harry Style’s rumoured squeeze would be overshadowed by her Bajan BFF; not least because Rihanna debuted some eye-catching make-up in the shape of a frosty blue lip.

However, in the same week the New York shows saw ‘undone’, and ‘low maintenance’ fashion and beauty strut down the catwalk, Cara’s flawed hosiery was the scene stealer. Perhaps proving once and for all that after bodycon, pulled in, plumped up and blown-out styling it’s time to loosen up and explore something altogether more comfortable.

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And it’s not as though this is just something for teenagers and 20-somethings. Even Victoria Beckham, famed for creating and wearing clothes with knee-in-the-back-tight-corset-tailoring, gave an uncharacteristic nod to a less rigid look. She gave more relaxed fashion her seal of approval by wearing a voluminous dress from her SS14 collection that she described as ‘like wearing an enormous cloud’.

But it doesn’t stop there; not only might it finally be okay to be less ‘put together’ and still look like you’re making an effort, but hair is getting undone too. This week Rag & Bone sent models down the New York runways with tresses that can’t be described as anything other than greasy while Marc Jacobs’ show featured oily roots, and slightly ‘off’ centre partings, too.

Furthermore eyebrows , which have been over-groomed and over-styled in recent times, have gone feral – again it might be Cara we can hold responsible for this. So set those tweezers aside, unplug the hairdryer and just do what comes naturally.

If your morning routine is as laboured, long-winded and technical as trends have dictated of late then you, like me, will be happy with the latest turn of events. For one thing at least it means hitting that snooze button and favouring a lie-in over a DIY blow-dry doesn’t make you a style slob.

You may not want to wander around with laddered tights and a greasy barnet, but isn’t it nice to know you can?