Stylist-to-the-stars Julien Farel secures a future of good hair days

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Celebrity skin is one thing, but what of those wondrous red carpet locks the A-list have tumbling down their swan-like necks? Julien Farel, hair stylist to the stars has taken an anti-ageing approach to hair with his new range of haircare based on years of working with the most famous follicles in Hollywood.

As the man himself, who tends to Gwyneth Paltrow, Salma Hayek, Olivia Palermo and Kate Beckinsale, says; ‘It’s inevitable. As we age, our hair ages too,’ and it’s tempering that process that’s at the heart of his new range – an approach that treats hair in the same way we care for our skin.

It makes sense that we should treat our hair as we treat our skin; mainly because they are a) not altogether different beasts and b) they are a real giveaway to our age. Plus our hair is subject to the same aggressors as our skin – pollution, diet and sun, for example – with the addition of blow-drying, heat styling and any number of chemical treatments, so it deserves the same pampering, care and attention.

Julien’s approach isn’t just about making his clients’ hair look good while in his chair and for the few hours after when it’s in the media’s gaze on a red carpet; he took five years to create the technology to treat hair to help it stay youthful and at its best.

Just as hydration is key to skin health, so that method has been applied to hair with rehydration applied at three levels; the follicle, the scalp and the hair. But that doesn’t mean slapping on a hair mask and hoping for the best… Julien’s research developed an Anti-Ageing Balance ‘A2B’ technology, which allows the active ingredients to bond and penetrate hair more efficiently.

We’ve never seen Gwyneth have a bad hair day – and that girl definitely uses straighteners – and we’ve yet to see Salma Hayek look like she’s been dragged through a hedge backwards, so clearly there’s something to Julien’s products.

Technically speaking, Julien Farel Anti-Ageing Hair Care (which is now available in Selfridges ) reinforces the hair’s structure, balances scalp PH, promotes collagen and maintains the natural hydro-lipid layer creating the best environment for hair to grow.

What you’ll see though are instant, visible results and in an independent study over 90% of women perceived healthier hair while 88% said their hair was shinier. Sounds like red carpet hair to Glossip Girl…

A shampoo will set you back £16, while the range’s hero product, the Magnifique Fortifying Serum is £95. But an appointment with the man himself at either of his New York salons, Cabo San Lucas or Miami salons will leave little change from $1000 making this a cost-effective way to get celebrity styled hair.