Enjoy our round-up of the beauty and wellness goodies soothing our souls without forcing us to check our banking apps. A lavender-laced shower oil that turns your bathroom into a spa, an under-£10 brightening serum and the cutest stick-on nail designs that'll have you cancelling your next salon appointment

Any products in this article have been selected editorially however if you buy something we mention, we may earn commission

These products have been chosen by our editorial team. If you buy something we recommend we may earn a small affiliate commission.

With the cost of living on the rise, guilt surrounding our more 'indulgent' purchases has already begun to creep in. Our advice? Send that guilt right back where it came from and seek out hardworking beauty and wellness buys that deliver on their promise, without leaving you short at the end of the month...

The hand cream that smells incredible: & Other Stories Neon Rush Hand Cream, £4

“I’m a sucker for anything neon, the more fluorescent and brighter the better, but I wasn’t quite expecting it to become part of my beauty regime. New to the ever-growing & Other Stories beauty section is this pocket-sized hand cream - the eighth launch in the range. This scent (along with my other favourites - Sicilian Sunrise and Havana Blues), feels reminiscent of balmy summer nights, tonka bean adding a sweet warmth, and cherry some sweet fruitiness. The scent lasts until your next handwash and the cream delivers just the right amount of hydration without any sticky residue. I’d pair it with the matching hand soap and eau de toilette for a triple whammy (budget dependant, obviously). But on its own, this is just £4 - it’s basically a no-brainer…" Catherine Fulwood, GTG commercial projects manager

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The fine hair booster:  Noughty Get Set, Grow Growth Tonic, £9.99

"Scalp serums that target hair growth can be expensive, but this new launch from clean haircare brand Noughty is extremely well priced. It has the clinically recommended amount of Anagain, a hair growth agent made from organic pea spouts that activate the dermal papilla cells of the hair root, kicking them into action to stimulate hair growth (in a tiny Anagain study of 10 volunteers, hair was thicker in three months). It also contains caffeine, another stimulating ingredient. The nozzle makes it really fast to apply in sections on a freshly washed scalp before styling with no stickiness. The addition of hyaluronic acid makes my dry scalp feel nicely soothed. Anyone with hair growth issues knows there’s no miracle cure – I also have scalp PRP treatments, microneedling and use a strengthening pre-wash as well as many other things. But keeping my scalp healthy is one of the basics, and this is my new thrifty treat.” Victoria Woodhall, GTG Editorial Director

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A must for mussed-up hair: Andrew Fitzsimons Après Sexe Texture Spray, Was £9 Now £6

"When I met celebrity hairstylist Andrew Fitzsimons,  he showed me how to use several of his new launches (exclusive to Boots), but I was most mesmerised by the Après Sexe Texture Spray. Fitzsimons was able to transform straight, flat hair into a voluminous, full-bodied look. After learning how to use the product I had to try it out for myself, flipping my head upside down and spraying it into my roots and throughout the rest of my hair. How did my hair look after? The clue's in the name - tousled and super bouncy. Whenever I've styled my hair in the past it's always felt like something was missing, and now I know what - this was what I needed to make my cool-girl-texture dreams come true. It also smells very sexy. It has citrus and woody undertones, with clever technology that gradually releases the scent throughout the day/night. The whole range is extremely affordable - from £9 to £13 (currently third off at Boots, so be quick!). It really feels like salon quality - the names make me giggle, too!" Amy Rostas, Beauty and Social Media Assistant

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The serum that gives lit-from-within glow: Q+A Vitamin C Brightening Serum, £9 for 30ml

"I was recently asked what my three holy grail skincare products were, and a good vitamin C serum made the cut. I adore radiant, glowing skin, which this antioxidant-rich serum provides. Vitamin C is an unstable ingredient, and can lose its skin-loving superpowers when exposed to the outside elements. To reduce oxidation and maintain efficacy, the serum is housed in a pump bottle (rather than a pot with a removable lid) to keep the hero ingredient stable. Formulated with a combination of ascorbic acid (pure vitamin C),  hyaluronic acidsqualane , and volcanic soil, which helps maintain the stability of the vitamin C. If you want to replace fine lines and dark spots for plump, even, dewy skin, this lightweight formula gets my vote. Best of all, it's quickly absorbed and doesn’t leave you with that sticky-skin feeling." Jemma Thompson, GTG design and social media manager

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The dry skin saviour: Burt’s Bees Moisturizing Body Lotion, £10.99

"When it comes to choosing a body moisturiser, my main criteria is that it doesn’t leave a greasy film, which isn’t always a given. Full marks to this silky cream from Burt’s Bees, which absorbs in seconds. Its hero ingredients include soothing aloe vera,  nourishing rice milk, and moisture-boosting shea butter. Considering it's formulated for extremely dry skin, I assumed it would have a thick consistency. Not so - I found it super lightweight. My cracked hands have been drinking it up and already look and feel a lot smoother after daily use. I’ve even earmarked it as an after-sun lotion for my holiday next week - aloe is a must after a day in the sun. Other noteworthy facts: it is fragrance-free and has even been approved by the National Eczema Association. A very hardworking moisturiser for under £11 quid? It’s a yes from me." Verity Clark, GTG writer

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The hardworking blemish blurrer: NYX Professional Makeup Bare With Me Concealer Serum, £11

"NYX is not aimed at more ‘mature’ skin types, so I thought this would be thick and unwieldy and gather in the lines under my eyes. But it’s quite brilliant. I found it to be seriously high-coverage, so you need less than half a grain of rice to tackle exhausted-looking under eyes. Just a tiny dot of product spreads and blends beautifully, without cakeyness. Forming a smooth, stretchy film with a flattering, brightening gleam, the coverage doesn’t let up all day and doesn’t dry out and turn flaky, either. There’s no fragrance, but there are three effective calming ingredients (cica, tremella mushroom and green tea) to soothe stressed, bleary eyes. It’ll do just as well camouflaging blemishes, and can be blended all over as a foundation if you can find a good match among the 11 shades; one pump is plenty." Inge van Lotringen, GTG Contributor

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The zzz-inducing shower treat: Soap and Glory Perfect Zen Foaming Bath and Shower Oil , £8.95

"I’m always on the lookout for nourishing body products to quench my dehydrated skin. This week I’ve been introduced to the wonders of shower oil. I’ve been trying Soap and Glory's new offering and it's such great value for money. It glides on and gently lathers, leaving the skin feeling supple and silky long after you've stepped out of the shower. You can also use a few drops in the bath if you fancy a soak instead. It contains argan oil, which is rich in fatty acids and antioxidants, and vitamin E to help the skin retain moisture. I love the sweet, powdery lavender-and-tonka-bean fragrance, which leaves your skin smelling gorgeous for when you slip under the duvet after a long day. It’s also vegan, and very easy on the purse." Marie Louise Pumfrey, GTG Contributor

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The DIY nail art stickers: Fimpo Boho Dreams Nail Sticker Set, £9.99

“I've seen a lot of stick-on nail art in my time and as the years go by, they get more and more user-friendly. New to the market and raising the bar even higher is Fimpo. The brand's core belief is that 'fashion is a form of self-expression, and that if clothes can be ready to wear, a manicure can be too.' Behind the scenes are three professional women juggling careers and young children with a passion for creativity, but with very little time on their hands — many can relate! So they decided to create these cool, easy-to-apply nail designs for a quick yet stylish manicure. And the simple application I speak of? Prep your nails by pushing back your cuticles and giving the nails a wipe. Once you've selected the perfect sized design for each nail, stick them down, avoiding any skin or cuticle, and file off the excess. Finally, apply a thin layer of the Diamond Shine Topcoat, and pop them under the lamp (also included) to cure. To remove, simply soak your fingertips in warm water and peel them away. Top tip: Apply the designs over your own choice of coloured polish for a personalised look.” Hattie Sloggett, GTG Contributor

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The dry skin concealer: Rimmel London Kind and Free Hydrating Concealer, £5.99

"The brand that's always managed to keep its price points low has decided to "go green" for its latest collection launch. This light-coverage concealer is the best of a good bunch and has filled a gap in my make-up bag I didn’t know I had. Boasting hydrating vitamin E and vitamin B5, it manages to dial down redness and bags without drying out the skin. It really came into its own for me last week, smoothing over my red, cold-ridden nose when other concealers only drew attention to the flaky patches. The dainty doe-foot applicator is brilliant for getting onto the nooks of the eye area, too. It also contains 70% naturally-derived ingredients, for those of you on board with the "clean" formula movement. me? I’m just really impressed with the skin finish and long-lasting results, especially considering the reasonable price point." Amber Voller, GTG Contributor

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The nicely-scented natural deodorant: Moogoo Fresh Cream Deodorant Oats & Honey 60ml, £5.90

“I was very pleased to see more Moogoo deodorants arriving in the UK - I’ve been waiting forever for more scent options! For those of you who haven’t discovered Moogoo yet, it’s a natural Australian skincare brand, and it's just launched three new flavours of their best-selling roll-on deodorant (they claim to sell one every minute!) The oats and honey scent smells good enough to eat but doesn’t cause irritation or rashes - especially good for those of us with more sensitive pits. It’s the perfect size for travel, in fact, I took it on a recent two-week trip to the USA, putting it to the test through plane travel, kayaking, and a four-day wedding. If like me, you've been using natural deodorants for a while now, add this to your stock. If you’re new to the natural-deodorant game, it can take your body a few weeks to adjust, but persevere and you won’t look back.”CF

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The reef-safe sunscreen: Holland & Barrett Mineral Sunscreen SPF30, £9.99

“I’m all for budget sunscreen as it’s something everyone should have access to. Holland & Barrett has brought out three mineral broad spectrum SPFs in factors 15, 30 and 50, all £9.99. The retailer has made the move to ban all chemical sunscreens, including other brands, from its stores to sell only ‘reef safe’ SPFs. Many countries including Thailand have banned sunscreens with the ingredients oxybenzone and octinoxate, which are thought to damage coral, although the jury is still out on just how damaging these, or any chemical and mineral sun filters, really are to marine life. You could consider it better safe than sorry. You may prefer a mineral sunscreen (made with zinc oxide and titanium dioxide) if your skin is sensitive, as some chemical versions can cause irritation. However, there’s often no getting away from a slight white cast, which I didn't notice on my light skin, but which my olive-skinned colleague Amy did when testing the factor 50. The SPF 30 is a little less dense, however, and comes in a 50% recycled plastic tube.” VW

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The Vitamin D everyone needs: Beauty Pie Like Sun Bio-Optimized Vitamin D3 and K2 Softgels, £12.79

“Out of all the supplements that our experts recommend, vitamin D  comes up time and again because it is beneficial for so many processes in the body, not least immunity. Current government guidelines state we should be taking it all year round, and I’ve just started (rather late to the party I know) having discovered these vegan vitamin D3 and K2 soft gels by Beauty Pie, which are only £12.79 for three months’ supply. They contain the optimum dose of 25µg or 1000IU of vitamin D, and the small capsules are easy to swallow.  Vitamins D3 and K2  are a power couple that works synergistically to support bone health, while the antioxidant vitamin E supports the skin, too. The price and simplicity of these means I’ll be taking vitamin D all year round, just like the doctor ordered.” AR

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The super-wearable eyeshadow palette: 17. Eyeshadow Palette 030 Browns , £5

"Boots has reintroduced 17, the budget-friendly sister line to No7, at a time when we need it most. So far, I'm a fan of all 17 products, especially since I can do a full face of makeup for less than £25! Their eyeshadow palettes are the standout for me. Featuring nine matte and shimmer shades in five different colourways; brown, golden, glitter, green, and pink. They are all very similar to the  Huda Beauty Obsessions Palettes  £27, but for a fraction of the price. This brown palette is extremely versatile and looks good on a variety of skin tones. Apply one or two swipes for a subtle daytime shimmer, or get creative with your make-up brushes for a dramatic smokey evening eye. Despite the pigments giving good colour payoff, they're also super-easy to blend, and they won't slide off your lids halfway through the day or night. What more can you (and your bank balance) ask for?" JT

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The only sulphate cleanser we recommend  The Ordinary 4% Sulphate Cleanser for Body and Hair, £6.80

"Always ready to be contrary, The Ordinary has launched this body and hair wash based entirely on much-maligned surfactant sodium laureth sulphate (SLES). I’m one of those people always telling others to avoid this cleansing agent alongside its even harsher fellow detergent sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS), as both are really good at stripping away not just dirt, sweat and excess sebum but also your protective, hydrating skin lipids, leaving skin and scalp dry and itchy in the long run. However, the brand wants us to know that if you use it at a low concentration (most washes and shampoos use eight per cent - this has four), it doesn’t dry out the skin and is one of the most effective filth-dissolvers. Sure enough, the watery foam has so far gained my husband's approval – his scalp turns into an itchy flaky mess the moment he uses regular SLES shampoos, but this one has caused none of that. And he loves (as do I) that you can use it on your body, too. The magic is in the formulation: I still wouldn’t go near a regular SLS shampoo, but I’m impressed by this.” IvL

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The glowy skin tint: Catrice Cosmetics Clean ID 24H Hyper Hydro Skin Tint, £5.99

"Now, I'm a chick who loves hydrated and glowy skin no matter what time of day - no heavy coverage for me. Enter this new launch from Catrice - a tinted moisturiser that provides light-to-medium coverage and the perfect dewy complexion. It's made up of 99% natural ingredients, including hydrating, nourishing and soothing hyaluronic acid, squalane and aloe vera. The coverage perfectly smooths imperfections, and the weightless consistency leaves skin feeling plump, even, and not at all cakey. This vegan-friendly, cruelty-free tinted gem is ideal for those with sensitive skin like me, and the ten shades on offer should cater to most skin tones. If not, the wallet-friendly price point means you can stock up on different shades and custom blend them yourself for the perfect match - carrying you through the year from winter cool, pale and interesting to golden summer goddess.” HS

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