There's nothing like a dose of sunshine to inspire a mass beauty bag overhaul. We're upgrading our SPFs, switching from powders to tints, quenching our curls, and upgrading our showers with a £4.95 ginger-laced body bar. Let the sun shine!

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It's only when you start to peel off the layers of winter clothing that you realise you're due a massive pamper sesh. Not forgetting the warm, light evenings that make socialising feel far more appealing than falling asleep in front of Netflix. We've rounded up the warm weather beauty and wellness upgrades that have us clapping our hands together in excitement for summer, including a skincare-meets-sunscreen face SPF, and a delicious oat-based cleanser that'll take it all off before bed...

The bouncy body massager: Hayo'u Body Drummer, £38

"Is it a dog toy, is it a head massager, is it a sex toy? When this strange-looking instrument arrived in the post and I saw the Hayo'u label, I knew that whatever it was, it would make me feel amazing inside and out. Turns out it’s a body drummer, that founder, Chinese medicine expert and healer Katie Brindle discovered on one of her many trips to China and perfected to ease our Western ailments such as stiffness and sluggishness. Who doesn’t have tight muscles, stubborn cellulite and fat, water retention or sluggish lymph? The body drummer can help shift them all. I loved the way it effortlessly bounced off my thighs, stomach tight shoulders, tenderising them like a steak, leaving me energised yet relaxed.  I already own two Hayo'u Body Tappers, which I use to perk up my energy and circulation in the morning, but this is tapping on steroids. If you have a person in your life who has everything, guaranteed they won’t have one of these. Buy one gift one, that's what I'm doing." Victoria Woodhall, GTG Editorial Director

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The water-based powder: Refy Skin Finish, £22

"Refy is back with another must-have launch; from brows to lip kits, influencer and founder Jess Hunt has nailed it yet again. These new Skin Finish powders are a water-based formula. I know, powder + water-based aren't typically heard together. However, they've been around, although niche, for a while; Becca Cosmetics (RIP) had a popular water-based powder a few years ago.

"The ability to hydrate sets this apart from the more common talc or silicone face powders. You instantly feel a cooling, wet sensation. It’s light, natural and provides a nice blurring effect on pores. You can choose between two translucent universal shades based on your undertones, shade 01 for yellow or warm undertones and shade 02 for pink or cool undertones. You apply with a dry, not damp sponge to set your face. It’s just what I need to create the of the moment TikTok 'clean girl aesthetic'  (essentially no-makeup makeup)." Jemma Thompson, Design and Social Media Manager

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The glowy face SPF:  Glow Recipe Watermelon Glow Niacinamide Sunscreen SPF50 , £31

“We all know (or should know) that SPF is the most important step in our skincare routine. I won't leave the house without it on. This new SPF50 mineral sunscreeen from Glow Recipe has become my firm favourite and leaves no white cast on my olive skin. It gives skin a gorgeous glowy finish and works well as a makeup primer, without breaking up throughout the day. Star player, niacinamide works to brighten and even out skin tone - a reassurance for me considering I suffer from hyperpigmentation. For maximum hydration, I apply this after my moisturiser, but if your skin is on the oily side I would suggest skipping moisturiser altogether - this hydrating formula behaves like skincare so it's unlikely you'll need both. I'm carrying it everywhere with me this summer!" Amy Rostas, GTG Beauty and Social Media Assistant

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The tinted lip balm: Glossier Lavender Balm Dotcom , £10

"I’m seeing purple hues all over the lookbooks this spring, and it’s no surprise that Glossier is in on the game too. The newest addition to the Balm Dotcom tinted lip balm lineup - the first time we’ve had a new flavour since 2019 - is a super relaxing lavender. It’s got the slightest hint of purple but nothing OTT or too dark. Better still, if you’ve been lusting after a Glossier hoodie like me, they’ve also released some limited edition merch to coincide; comfy sweaters, cosy socks AND a glossy lip? Sign me up. The balm does it all but feels especially hydrating and soothing on chapped lips and when I say it lasts forever I’m not exaggerating, a little goes a very very very long way! " Catherine Fulwood, GTG Commercial Projects Manager

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The dolphin skin stick: Dior Stick Glow Limited-Edition Blush Balm in Opal Glow, £30

"I usually leave directional beauty l trends such as dolphin skin  to my younger Get The Gloss teammates. My makeup regime is more about restoring lost colour and glow rather than any type of artistry. Yet with this illuminating stick, I somehow seem to have gone full porpoise in the best possible way. My skin reflects enough light to power the National Grid. This is more than a highlighter, it’s like a beam of light – opalescent, almost wet-look rather than glittery or powdery and dry. I can’t get enough of it on my cheekbones, nose, forehead, over my blusher. It’s limited edition, but they really should make it part of the permanent collection." VW

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The modern mousse: Larry King Hair My Nanna’s Mousse , £19

“Hair mousse has historically had a bad rep; crispy, stiff hair? No thanks. But there’s a new generation of thoroughly modern mousses on the scene, with formulas that add just the right amount of grit and hold to give you full, thick (and crucially, shiny) hair, without weighing it down. Case in point: hairstylist Larry King’s latest offering: My Nanna’s Mousse. King is responsible for looking after the hair of some seriously sexy people: Gigi, Cara, and Karlie (to name a few), but the inspiration behind this lightweight, thickening mousse is his nan’s big bouncy blow-dry. I use a tiny amount (about a two-pence-coin’s worth), and scrunch it through wet hair before blow-drying. It leaves me with a lot more volume than I'm used to, and keeps my style in place for most of the day. But you can’t tell there's any product in my hair, which is key! It’s time to give the mousse a second chance, people." Verity Clark, GTG contributor

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The multitasking tint: Typology Tinted Balm in Coral Orange , £16.30

“I’ve never been a lover of cream or gel blushes, preferring to ‘dust and run’ in the mornings rather than finger-paint my face with colour. But since discovering this little multipurpose balm I’ve carried it everywhere with me. Its pack-a-punch pigment unnerved me at first, but it leaves lips with a not-too-glossy tint and warms cheeks with the perfect matchy-matchy natural flush. Formulated with hyaluronic acid and raspberry seed extract, the colour doesn’t dry out by the end of the day and can be topped up without the worry of it gathering in patches. It’s available in four other shades (Ruby Red, Powder Pink, Dusty Pink, and Plum Purple), but I find the vibrant coral offering (surprisingly) wearable.” Cassie Powney, GTG contributor

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The curl-quenching conditioner: Kristin Ess Hair Moisture Rich Curl Conditioner , £10

“I adore the Kerastase Curl Manifesto range, but let's be honest, that stuff is expensive, and with the amount of conditioner my long, thick curly hair needs, I would need to remortgage my house to keep my supply stocked up for the year. The answer to my prayers is Kristin Ess's Moisture Rich Curl Conditioner. This product is reasonably priced and ticks all the Curly-Girl boxes of hydration and shine. The creamy texture can be worked easily through the hair, but I noticed it made the biggest difference to my ends - they were easier to detangle and my curls 'popped' after styling. It's also free of sulfates, parabens, phthalates, and silicones, as well as being vegan and PETA approved. Fine for use on coloured hair, too - it's a real all-rounder." Hattie Sloggett GTG Contributor

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The invigorating body bar:  Weleda Ginger and Petitgrain Shower Bar, £4.95

"I’m a big fan of using a solid bar, whether it’s a cleansing bar for my face  or a bar of soap for my body. They travel well and are a quick win for cutting down on unnecessary plastic in my beauty routine. These new solid body washes from organic skincare brand Weleda are the equivalent of 300ml of shower gel - that’s a lot of showers! Made with 100 per cent plant-based ingredients, including shea butter and glycerin to keep skin lovely and soft, there are four scents to choose from. My favourite is the spicy-on-your-senses ginger and petitgrain for a morning pick-me-up." VC

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The soothing oat cleanser:  Q+A Oat Milk Cream Cleanser , £7.50

“I wouldn’t describe my skin as sensitive, but I use chemical exfoliants and retinol sparingly, and stock up on soothing skincare that feels like it’s giving my face a gentle stroke, not melting the top layer of my skin off (to each their own). This cleanser is my latest find, fortified with a triple blend of soothing oat-derived ingredients: organic oat milk, oat seed oil, and sodium lauroyl oat amino acids (an alternative to the harsher surfactants found in some cleansing products). You can apply it to either wet or dry skin, but I like to massage mine into dry skin, emulsifying it with water and wiping it off with a warm (not hot) cleansing cloth. Just dreamy.” CP

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The lipstick-serum hybrid:  Sann Beauty Nourish + Tint Solid Lip Serum , £24

“In all my years as a makeup artist turned beauty writer, I have never developed a great love of lipstick. I find it drying, prone to smudging, and quite frankly, a waste of my time. I do, however, love a dab of colour in the form of gloss, balm or serum. Sann Beauty has created the perfect combination of nourishing ingredients and impressive colour, in a unique amalgamation of all that I love. This non-sticky, hydrating formula is packed full of active ingredients. There's cannabis sativa seed oil which helps relieve skin inflammation and meadowfoam seed oil for protection against pollution and the sun.  Its aim is to strengthen skin barrier and soften fine lines, while also delivering a subtle plumping and lifting effect. Available as a stand-alone solid serum or in three dewy colours (my favourite is Wild), pop this handbag-friendly wonder at the top of your must-have list.” HS

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The daily self tan for face  Typology Progressive self-tanning serum
10% DHA + carob pulp extract , £18

"With summer looming, and 27 degrees on the forecast I definitely need a bit of help with glowy tanned skin. I’ve been working my way through some of the new tanning serums, drops and oils for the face. This Typology serum has come out on top. It absorbs quickly without staining hands or eyebrows. As I am naturally very fair, I’m conscious of my face being a totally different colour from my body, but I found it was subtle enough to use every day. I found it best applied at night, however under makeup in the morning also works if you forget as I did. The formula is a combination of ten per cent DHA and carob extract, which is said to enhance the appearance of your tan. The 30ml bottle is perfect for weekend trips as it fits perfectly in your makeup bag! " CF

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