We are nearly at the end of January (phew) and payday is finally here - read on for our edit of what's worth your precious pennies

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The dry (mostly), cold and fairly dreary January is almost over and there is light at the end of the tunnel in the form of payday. Hurrah. If you've been tightening your purse strings for what seems like the longest month ever known and are looking for a treat this weekend, allow us to help you indulge, as the GTG team have been testing out the latest beauty drops all week in order to find what's worth shopping for. From intensive lip treatments to Chanel’s new pink hued nail polish, see below for the very best of this week's must haves...

De Mamiel Skin Recovery Blend, 30ml £95

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Loved by: Victoria Woodhall, Editorial Director

“I was first drawn to this solid serum by the colour. It’s the most restful shade of blue, the sort of hue you’d earmark for the bedroom on your Farrow and Ball paint chart. That’s down to the five ‘azules’ anti-inflammatory blue essential oils – blue cypress, cape chamomile, German chamomile, blue tansy and yarrow. Annee is very season specific in her launches (her famous seasonal oils always sell out) and this calming, comforting blend of so many synergistic natural and organic oils and plant essences is winter-proofing my skin right now. Cold and wind increase the chances of inflammation and water loss and as a commuter cyclist, I’m especially conscious of adding extra protection. The serum softens easily in your fingertips and yet feels surprisingly un-oily, giving more of a matte finish than you’d expect.

"First inhaling the calming scent as you warm it in your hands, is all part of the experience. In fact, I’ve just used it to give myself a quick screen break, breathing it in, patting it under my eyes and feeling a little more looked after.”

Waterpik Cordless Plus Water Flosser, £54.99

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Loved by: Sarah McGinnis, Art Editor

“I'm quite obsessed with the health of my teeth, but if there's one thing I cannot stand, it's flossing. Thankfully, Waterpik have come to the rescue for us floss haters with their new cordless water flossing gadget - and I think everyone should invest in one. This innovative little tool comes with four different heads; the main two I've been using is the standard High Pressure Classic Tip head and the Tongue Cleaner (don't knock it till you've tried it!). It's lightweight, cordless and so easy to use. There is a dual water pressure control system, but it is very powerful, so go in at the lowest speed to start off otherwise you'll have water all over your face like I did on my first try... Oh, and don't use the orthodontic head if you don't have braces - my curiosity got the better of me but it was not a pretty sight.

"It has a little easy-to-fill water space that you can add a small amount of mouthwash to if you prefer a minty rinse too. It replaces the laborious and often difficult action of regular flossing, helps to remove even more plaque build up and leave teeth a whole lot healthier. I've been using this for over a week now (it's getting addictive) and I can already feel that I'm giving my teeth a much more thorough clean every evening. I love it!”

John Masters Organics Hair Milk, 118ml £25 

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Loved by: Ayesha Muttucumaru, Senior Features Writer

“This slick silicone-free leave-in treatment is a fantasic all-rounder - it hydrates, detangles, de-frizzes and protects, all without leaving a greasy residue behind. Its ingredients list makes for the perfect recipe for sorting out dryness and brittleness, a cocktail of top-notch conditioners such as organic apricot kernel oil, organic cupuacu butter and apricot oil that my hair just drinks up. When applied to mid-lengths and ends before blowdrying, it makes a world of difference to the manageability and softness of my hair throughout the week. If you see me stroking it, this is why.”

Real Techniques Expert Face Brush, £10

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Loved by: Anna Hunter, Senior Features Writer

“Pixiwoo’s core range has had a makeover for 2019, with new design and packaging. The brush quality is the same as ever - this particular model is fluffier than many a foundation brush I’d normally use but it’s incredible for seamless application of liquid base especially and thankfully doesn’t shed as you use it. The synthetic bristles are easy to clean and fast to dry and in my experience the brushes last for years - you can tell a mile off that they’re made by makeup artists.”

Chanel Le Vernis Neon Nail Colour in Techno Bloom, £22

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Loved by: Judy Johnson, Digital Editor

“I’ve always looked to Chanel for the latest nail colour trends and knowing what’s ‘in’ each season, and I think they’ve hit the nail on the head (sorry) with this cheering fuchsia pink from their new spring collection. Named Techno Bloom, it’s not what I’d call neon but it is bright and glossy, and allows you to be bold without sticking to classic red (which I’ve never found suits my skin tone). I’m wearing it already to add some much-needed vibrance to these dark winter days!”

Fenty Beauty Pro Filt’r Instant Retouch Setting Powder, £24

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Loved by: Alexandra Harrison, Account Executive

“My oily skin demands powder. As much as I love to look healthy and glowing, I need to set my face down then bake with a loose powder too, otherwise I resemble a tin man come lunchtime - so I’m always on the hunt for a powder that applies flawlessly to the skin and adds longevity to my makeup. This latest release from Fenty Beauty hits the spot perfectly. I have the shade ‘butter’ which is incredibly brightening - I apply it under my eyes and across the centre of my face. It doesn’t feel drying on the skin and is easy to brush away the excess; I find with some powders they can grip to drier patches of the skin and end up making your base look like a cakey mess. This one is smooth and gives a real airbrushed effect - what more could you ask for?”

Ameliorate Intensive Lip Treatment, £15

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Loved by: Anna Hunter, Senior Features Writer

“I now “Ameliorate” my body, feet, hands and bathwater, so it was only a matter of time until the ‘flaky skin specialists’ behind the brand targeted a new body part. Just in time for chapped lip season, this new ceramide, amino acid and lactic acid based lip cream exfoliates as it softens, targeting sore, rough skin in a double pronged manner. It’s not glossy or glamorous and it does look slightly white when you apply it, but wear it overnight consecutively and you’ll notice smoother, healthier lips whatever the weather or state of the central heating. If you’ve tried a million lip balms and still nothing’s working in the hydration stakes, give this a shot.”