Team GTG reveal what they've tried, tested and loved this week from the latest launches to hit their desks

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Each week, the Get The Gloss team round up the best new launches in beauty and this week is no exception. From Garden of Wisdom's new retinoid serum to Living Proof's blowout concentrate and the liquid eyeliner that allows you to make mistakes without messing up your makeup, see below for our pick of what's hot right now...

Garden Of Wisdom Granactive Retinoid 5% Serum 30ml, £14 

Loved by: Victoria Woodhall, Editorial Director

"This affordable skincare line focuses on specific actives and is one to watch – they have their finger on the pulse of the latest performance ingredients such as azelaic acid, niacinamide and PHA. Their newest launch is this high-strength retinoid (they already have a 1% Retinol .) I’d never heard of a Granactive Retinoid, but the name comes from Grant Industries, who are formulators and is described as being “an effective delivery system to protect skin against ageing when compared to retinol with little or no irritation.

"I didn’t read the instructions to start slow, two or three times a week, but my skin hasn’t ever reacted to retinoids, which I use frequently for wrinkles and pigmentation. It took to daily use very well. It’s fragrance-free and feels moisturising thanks to the hyaluronic acid and rice bran oil, so you can wear it overnight with nothing else on top and not wake up feeling tight or dry. SPF during the day is a must with any member of the retinol family. An affordable and easy-to-wear retinoid powerhouse."

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Living Proof Restore Smooth Blowout Concentrate 45 ml, £26

Loved by: Anna Hunter, Senior Features Writer

"A word of warning before you go here: two pumps is PLENTY. Apply any more and you’ll be a grease monkey, which is the mistake I made when I first tried it. Now I’m into the swing, however, applying a small amount onto wet hair before my usual lazy rough blow dry at home makes my ends feel smoother and less split-endy, and results in a shinier finish despite no technical effort on my part. It claims to cut hair drying time in half, which I’m not totally sold on, but it does make the process quicker. You’ll particularly appreciate this if you have thick hair like mine that soaks up water like a sponge and takes donkey’s years to dry. A smooth operator I’ll be using every time I wash my hair from hereon, and the small amount of product required should mean that it’ll last you ages."

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Maybelline Snapscara, £7.99 

Loved by: Alexandra Harrison, Account Executive

"This new mascara from Maybelline may have a slightly odd name, but the results are pretty impressive. It delivers lengthened, defined lashes in just a few swipes and proves that you do not need to spend big in order to get great results. It can be built up with ease without any clumps, which is exactly the look I go for. I don’t want thick, heavy lashes - I like a defined look that enhances what Mother Nature gave me.  If you like a mascara that requires very little work for maximum results, this is the one for you."

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Laura Mercier Flawless Lumière Radiance Perfecting Foundation 30ml, £36 

Loved by: Ayesha Muttucumaru, Senior Features Writer

"From Candlelight Foundation to Secret Camouflage Concealer, I’m all about a Laura Mercier base - especially their new one, due to its ability to help disguise the effects of too little sleep and sunshine. Formulated to provide medium to full coverage, its light-reflective powders and pearls subtly dial down dullness, while its use of moisturising silver ear mushroom extract prevents it from feeling too drying (a rare find for a long-wear foundation). What’s more, its 30-shade colour range ensures that a wide variety of skin tones can enjoy its blurring benefits - a great choice for those looking for a cover-up that doesn’t feel like a mask and still allows your skin to show through."

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Boscia Detoxifying Black Cleanser 150ml, £24.50 

Loved by: Emma North, Beauty Intern

"As it's been so cold outside, using this warming cleanser at the end of the day is very comforting before bedtime. I take my makeup off first with a thick cleansing oil then slather this on to my damp face and neck; it lathers nicely but doesn't leave the skin feeling stripped. It's great for my congested skin as the added glycolic acid cleans deep inside my pores, dissolving impurities - and the results? Smooth, refreshed and cleansed skin. Just don't be put off by the odd colour!"

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Avon Mark. Whip Into Shape Tattoo Eyeliner, £9

Loved by: Judy Johnson, Digital Editor

"This new double-ended eyeliner from Avon is a game changer - for me, at least, and anyone else who struggles to get their wings straight in the morning. Much like those ink pens of my school days that kept my work mistake-free, this felt tip-style eyeliner has a pen on one end, and a corrector on the other - but I was heartened to see that the corrector nib isn’t white (those pens never lasted long as they gradually turned blue and eventually smudged errors rather than fixed them), but black. The eyeliner itself is slick and easy to use with precision, drying fast with a high pigment that really doesn’t budge, though of course that’s where the problems start if your application is shaky - so onto the corrector side which deftly tidies up your line without making a mess. You then simply wipe the corrector on a tissue to keep it clean for the next time. Yes, you could just use makeup remover on a cotton bud, but this is far more accurate and travel-friendly, not to mention an absolute bargain. I love it.”

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