Glossy Posse Picks: The new beauty products and treatments we rate this week

Judy Johnson 21 July 2018
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This week's top new launches

In this week’s round-up of the best new health and beauty launches, we’ve found an eclectic mix of brand new favourites. From the perfect introduction to an organic beauty brand in the form of their new starter pack to Charlotte Tilbury’s latest golden ticket to shimmering, sculpted cheekbones and our editor’s review of the massage that releases your mind as well as your tension knots, here’s what we’d recommend this week…

2 / 8

Zoeva The Eye See Palette, £19.50

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Why we love it: “Exciting colours with clever duochrome and intense shimmer finishes - the perfect party palette!”

Review: “In terms of budget beauty, in the eyeshadow stakes it doesn’t get much better than Zoeva. They are constantly keeping up with the trends with multiple collections launching all year round, each staying consistent to the outstanding formula and colour pay-off of their famous eyeshadows. The latest release is The Eye See Collection, with the idea of making the eye see things differently through a combination of transformative duo-chrome, shimmer, metallic and glitter finish eyeshadows. As always for Zoeva the shadows are highly pigmented and easy to blend and I particularly like this palette for its stand-out shades. Neutral pinks mix with bright golds, deep purples and emerald greens to create a palette like no other in my collection. I’ll be reaching for this on summer evenings when I want to amp up the drama and make a statement.”

Reviewer: Alexandra Harrison, Admin Assistant

3 / 8

Green People Holiday Sun Starter Pack, £14.50 for 3x 30ml

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Why we love it: “Cruelty-free beauty essentials for the complete sun care routine, perfectly sized to keep in your handbag!”

Review: “I was first introduced to the brand Green People while staying at a detox retreat in Malta as this was the only skincare brand they stocked (high praise indeed!) and I’ve been a fan ever since. I love the whole ethic of this company and the fact they only use organic ingredients – there are no chemicals, parabens or sulphates, all things that have become really important to me to avoid in both my skin and makeup products. This new Sun Starter pack provides you with everything you need to look after your skin in the sun. It includes a 30ml Sun Lotion SPF15 with a natural tan accelerator and Scent Free SPF30 plus a Hydrating After Sun.

"I’m very particular with choosing sun lotions for my face, as I have oily skin which can react badly and break out. I’ve had no problems with this one - it absorbs really well, with no stickiness, greasiness, or shine. As well as having an SPF 30, it’s broad-spectrum so it offers UVA and UVB protection and contains ingredients such as aloe vera, chamomile, avocado and green tea which makes it perfect for the most delicate and sensitive of skins and prickly heat sufferers (like me!). Anyone who suffers from prickly heat knows that once it starts it can result in your whole holiday being ruined so it’s great to have something that I can easily carry around in my handbag, to top up quickly. At £14.50 for 3 products the pack is really good value for money, making it perfect for anyone new to the brand - it’s a very cost effective way to test the products out on your own skin.’’

Reviewer: Kully Buhal, Head of Business Development

4 / 8

IGK Prenup Instant Spray Hair Mask, £27

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Why we love it: “A quick and easy treatment for dry or frazzled hair.”

Review: “I have fine, thin hair and tend to skip conditioner unless I have a lot of time on my hands (rare!) but after a recent holiday in the sun in which I was curling it daily with a hot tong and generally not treating it too well, I felt it needed some TLC and tried this new spray-on mask from IGK. The  format appealed to my low maintenance shower routine; simply spray on wet hair after washing and work through with fingers or a comb, and leave on for a few minutes for a deeper conditioning. It has a deliciously subtle buttery scent (though fragrance is thankfully minimal in their formulas so it was suitable for my sensitive skin) and the combination of apple cider vinegar, cupuacu butter and natural oils left it feeling soft, smooth and tangle-free, with a healthy shine once dry that I hadn’t seen in some time. It’s a bit pricey, granted, but you need very little and it’s recommended that you use it just once a week - time and cost effective.”

Reviewer: Judy Johnson, Digital Editor

5 / 8

Malin+Goetz Brightening Enzyme Mask, £48

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Why we love it: “Leaves the skin with a beautifully natural glow and even texture.”

Review: “Face masks are an essential part of my skincare routine seeing as my skin is partial to almost every problem under the sun. Excess oil, uneven texture, dry patches, acne scarring, breakouts - you name it and I’ve got it. So when I find something that works immediately it becomes a staple for me - and this new mask from Malin+Goetz is just that. It provides a deep cleanse and exfoliation in just 5 minutes, using a gentle and effective combination of natural fruit enzymes and botanically derived AHAs to dissolve dead skin cells to improve clarity and even tone, without irritation. After using this my skin immediately looked more radiant and I noticed the following morning that my skin’s texture was incredibly smooth too. This is definitely going to be my go-to for a quick fix treatment prior to any big events.”

Reviewer: Alexandra Harrison, Admin Assistant

6 / 8

Charlotte Tilbury Bar of Gold Palette, £49

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Why we love it: “A skin-gilding piece of makeup jewellery.”

Review: “When it comes to highlighters, Charlotte Tilbury has always had the Midas touch. And she’s struck gold again with this new limited edition powder highlighter palette. Bringing her original sell-out Bar of Gold back alongside two new shades - rose gold and bronze - its bevy of glow-boosters are great either used solo or combined for a gilded sculpted effect. Draped across cheekbones, eyes and décolletage, it instantly lifts skin and enhances bone structure, providing just the right amount of shimmer to look luxe rather than Love Island (no offence intended, the latter has its place - just not on my face).

“A little goes a long way and they’re also super easy to blend. A word of caution though - they can be a little crumbly, so I’d advise not taking the palette with you in your hand luggage (it would be a sad day if it fell apart in my bag!). Definitely one that’s worth coming home to though. Providing jam-packed shimmer and a sophisticated finish, it quite literally raises the bar.”

Reviewer: Ayesha Muttucumaru, Senior Features Writer

7 / 8

Hypno Mind Massage, Gazelli House, Walton Street London £185 for 90 minutes

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Why we love it: “A deep relaxation experience where you to let go of physical and emotional tension.”

Review: “This is a massage like no other. Forget wincing into the head rest while a therapist tenderizes your back knots with their thumbs of steel, in this innovative Hypno Mind Massage, racing thoughts are left at the door and all bodily and emotional tensions melt away. I’m firmly of the belief that we are too much in our heads these days and our bodies have become a dumping ground for all our stresses. We’re too disconnected to identify how and where stress is building up until for example our back gives way while we’re doing something as simple as brushing our hair, as happened to me this week. It was a wake-up call to manage my sleep better, stop overscheduling and do more yoga.

“After a 30-minute consultation with therapist Alex to establish my physical stresses and my state of mind (how was I sleeping? How would I rate my happiness on a scale of one to ten? etc) I lie on the couch as the voice of hypnotherapist Rachel Coffey coaxes and calms me through a speaker and Alex matches her gentle(ish) massage strokes (think lymphatic drainage massage) to the words.

“The soundtrack and the massage are designed to reinforce each other: when the voice invites you to feel safe and grounded, Alex massages your feet. As the voice counts you back from 100, Alex’s fingers walk down your spine as if down a ladder, helping you to go deeper into relaxation. I’m asked to visualize things that have annoyed me recently and find myself unexpectedly able to observe them without reliving the annoyance (my back is being stroked, it feels so nice!) and then to let them go. Towards the end, I’m asked to focus on a deeper issue that might be holding me back or upsetting me, one that I really want to let go of. I am to picture myself walking down some stairs and then cast it aside.

“Alex tells me afterwards that when Rachel’s voice repeated the words ‘let go’ I twitched and sighed deeply. She also tells me that some people cry, others laugh or feel they want to share what came up afterwards. And because Alex has taken the time to get to know me first, it helps to create a safe environment in which to offload, but I don’t feel I need to. There’s a very gradual decompression from the treatment too. You are talked back to full consciousness (although I always felt aware and in control, something that you are reminded of throughout the treatment) and afterwards I am asked to choose an affirmation card, offered tea in the lounge area and instructed to stay as long as I need (the boutique club is so stylish I wanted to move in, or at least steal all the furniture).

“This is a very well thought out treatment – a necessary antidote to the stresses of modern life. I felt calm, and ready to face a few key issues – some of them unexpected, such is the power of the subconscious mind. This treatment is not going to solve all your problems, but puts you in a state of mind and body where you are better able to identify and act on what you need. Plus, it’s deeply nurturing. If sleep is eluding you, you are heartbroken or you are just missing your mum, it will make you feel safe, nurtured and loved.”

Reviewer: Victoria Woodhall, Editor

8 / 8

Sol de Janeiro Samba Foot Fetish Care, £25 for 90ml

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Why we love it: “The most addictive smell that makes you look forward to moisturising your feet.”

Review: “I’d never really bothered moisturising my feet; if I had any body moisturiser left on my hands, my feet might get the dregs if they were lucky. But Sol de Janeiro have been so clever with this fragrance (the one that’s also in  the brand’s cult Brazilian Bum Bum cream ) that you just want to face-plant in it. It smells weirdly edible - buttery chocolately and a little sweet - and makes you look forward to wafting around like a Brazilian beach babe. And boy do sandal feet need this. Shea butter and glycerin make sure that dry skin gets plenty of love.

“I have the tube by my bed and it’s now an essential part of my evening wind down. It sinks in lightning quick and dries immediately, so you can slather it on your poor neglected foot soles without fear of slipping. My feet just drink it in. It also comes with a cute smoothing board file in the shape of a surfboard that has its own hygienic pouch. I miss it when my tube is empty.”

Reviewer: Victoria Woodhall, Editor