Glossy Posse Picks: the new releases we love right now

5 November 2016
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Glossy Posse Picks: the new releases we love right now

Which products can't we get enough of right now?

From aubergine lipsticks to skin-brightening saviours and from hair voluminisers to zen yoga spaces, here's the line up of launches that are getting us through the chilly temperatures and grey skies right now.

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Rouge Dior Lipstick in Poison Matte, £26.50

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Why we love it: A luxurious long lasting lipstick in a bold shade that’s perfect for autumn/winter.

Review: “My lipstick collection mainly consists of well loved deep, dark shades but I have to admit that lately these shades have become a little unloved. Partly because of the summer (though that didn’t used to deter me) and partly because of the effort it would take to apply and the time needed for upkeep.

"As soon as I spied this perfectly autumnal lipstick in our beauty cupboard, all of my feelings about a deeper lipstick shade came flooding back - and I instantly fell in love. The Rouge Dior Lipstick in Poison Matte is a beautiful aubergine purple shade. It’s super matte and stays put incredibly well and I can already tell that this lippie will be making many more appearances now the weather's getting colder.”

Reviewer: Lorna Patrick, Marketing Assistant

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Romilly Wilde Advanced Supercell Serum, £230

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Why we love it: High-performance soulfood for the face.

Review: "Yikes, this not cheap, but having met Susie Willis, the founder of new British natural skincare brand Romilly Wilde, I understand why. A former food entrepreneur (she set up Plum organic baby foods) with a passion for ingredients, she’s an absolute stickler for natural products that perform powerfully at cellular level, without the use of hidden synthetics. Unable to find a 'clean' skincare that delivered, she set about creating one herself, spending long hours testing ingredients on herself and tweaking formulae with a top cosmetic chemist who specialised in natural skincare. So when I tested the Advanced Supercell Serum, I felt confident that every drop would be super-charged and it when I applied it, it didn't disppoint.

"Creamy and as rich, the serum absorbed quickly. The sunshine orange colour, thanks to brightening saffron flower, is a little mindful moment of joy. I like the fact colour hasn’t been processed out to fit the perception that white equals pure. When it comes to food, we religiously eat the rainbow in order to max our antioxidants and we avoid processed white carbs – so why not approach our skincare the same way?

"Here, anti-oxidants come in the form of ‘super seaweed’ chondrus chrispus among others, while high grade hyaluronic acid and rich oils plump and deeply hydrate. The scent is subtle, fresh and contemporary thanks to ingredients such as green mandarin extract and osmanthus fragrant flower extract. My thirsty skin really did feel soft, deeply hydrated and ‘fed’. Price-wise this is a treat for sure, but after a month of using it my skin really did look more supple and glowing, lasting effects which a similarly-priced facial doesn’t always deliver."

Reviewer: Victoria Woodhall, Deputy Editor

4 / 11

Zoeva Strobe Gel in Corona and Aureole, £10.50

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Why we love it: A stunning, sparkly, radiant shimmer gel that instantly elevates the face and doesn’t budge - and looks a-mayzing.

Review: "Having tried to get my hands on the Zoeva Strobe Gels for several weeks, I was finally allowed to get my impatient fingers stuck into these shimmeringly delightful pearlescent pots. I grabbed two of the three shades (Corona - mid-shade, and Aureole - dark shade) and skipped home, despite my concerns about being a complete and utter strobing novice. Cue a very quick 30-second online crash tutorial, and away I went.

"A fun aspect of these pots is that the gel is like a firm glittery jelly and quite fun to prod and poke, each time begging the question ‘Am I too old for this to really be enjoyable?’. However the best element is the glistening translucent look it gives when applied to the face, particularly down the centre of my forehead, nose and chin - I mean, I could actually be mistaken for a superstar?!?

"Given that I am quite pale skinned in the colder months, I found Halo (the middle shade of the range) the most appropriate, as it was neither too dark nor too light. Aureole, on the other hand, is perfect for bringing out the radiance of tanned skin.

"The gel dries very fast so I recommend you apply quickly and use a brush to blend (I used an Iconic London Evo 002 brush ). You don’t need much product either, so I am pleased to say that this is a find that will last me a long time, and at £10.50 it's a premium product at a bargain price."

Reviewer: Gemma Painter, Digital Marketing Manager

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Time Bomb INSTAWOW Sparkling Facial Mask, £39

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Why we love it: An instant boost for dull, lacklustre skin.

Review: "If only everything in life could be “instawow’d”. Might it be possible to also instawow my commute to work? My pile of laundry? I’m thinking very much on the same lines as Mary Poppins and that very unsightly nursery…Spit Spot!

"Call me a cynic but I am immediately sceptical of products that promise to take my skin from “drab to fab in five minutes”. Five minutes simply does not feel long enough to do anything! I am, however, pleased to say that this sparkling facial mask did just that. I applied four pumps of this gooey translucent liquid to my face and within seconds it had begun to fizz and foam, and then over the subsequent five minutes it pretty much disappeared. The result was incredibly smooth, glowing skin (really!!).  Perfect for days when you need a bit of a boost (the Christmas party season is nearly upon us people…don’t leave it too late to arm yourself with this sparkling wunderpotion)."

Reviewer: Alecka Micklewright, Commercial Director

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Hot Yoga at Another_Space, £20

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Why we love it: A unique sanctuary of a studio, packing in fierce classes to take the body and mind to a whole new level.

Review: "Another_Space is a new fitness studio, recently introduced to me by a friend; it is, I think, an actual sanctuary of a workout space. There are three spacious studios, one for cycle, one for HIIT - and my ultimate favourite, the yoga space. The hour-long hot yoga is a unique combination of traditional yoga poses plus dynamic flow, in order to raise your heart rate. At the beginning of class, the blinds slowly close down to make the room darker which helps you to kind of unwind and disconnect from the outside world.

"You can take this class at your own pace so you never feel out of your depth, and there are always challenges for more advanced yogis. Whatever your level, you are guaranteed to come out feeling incredibly zen. The temperature is set around 32 degrees so it's bearable but you definitely work up a sweat under the Far Infrared panels and the space feels clean, spacious and relaxing. Each teacher is incredibly knowledgable and encouraging allowing everyone to reach their personal best. There is no joining fee either - it's £20 per class - but 100 per cent worth it. The changing rooms are full of Cowshed products and the smoothie bar for a post workout pick-me-up is great. Cannot get enough of this space!"

Reviewer: Sarah McGinnis, Art Editor

7 / 11

Frederic Malle Portrait of a Lady Huile pour le corps et les cheveux, £130

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Why we love it: For divinely scented, satin soft skin

Review: "If you haven’t smelt Frederic Malle’s scent Portrait of a Lady then you are in for a treat. To me this fragrance smells like the most exquisitely sophisticated and stylish woman that ever lived. Sexy, sophisticated and dangerously romantic, this symphonic fragrance apparently required hundreds of trials to balance its expressive formula. Containing the highest dose of Oriental rose and patchouli in any fragrance, and combined with cinnamon, sandalwood, musk and frankincense, it is a sensuous and absolutely beautiful fragrance. So, it’s with squeals of delight that the new oil for body and hair has landed on my desk this week. Not as strongly scented as the original, it laces the skin with the Portrait of a Lady scent without being overpowering, and leaves it heavenly soft. I tried it in my hair too which softened the brittle ends and meant I could catch the scent all day long.. The pr for the brand said it’s so addictive,  ‘There’s a support group for addicts that meets on thursday evenings.” I’ve signed up."

Reviewer: Susannah Taylor, Editor-in-Chief

8 / 11

Oribe Daily Ritual Cream Face Cleanser, £34

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Why we love it: A rich silky cream cleanser that leaves skin feeling rebalanced and refreshed and looking noticeably more radiant.

Review: “Gentle, effective and deliciously creamy, this skin softening cleanser has become a firm favourite of mine. My usual combination skin type has started to veer more to the drier side, thanks to a noticeable chill in the air; extra hydration and moisture have become two new non-negotiables in my skincare regime. This cleanser has made for a valuable first step, leaving my skin squeaky clean, yet wonderfully soft at the same time, thanks to a rebalancing and radiance-boosting cocktail of exfoliating and moisturising ingredients. One of the 18 new additions to the brand courtesy of its new beauty line, the collection looks set to follow in the footsteps of its extremely popular hair care range in both style and substance.

“My introduction to the line came via the launch of the new Oribe Beauty Ritual treatment , £125, at Urban Retreat. Created by Head of Beauty Victoria Battersby, the 75 minute treatment merged the results-driven (exfoliation and extractions if needed) with the extremely relaxing (warm luxurious oil poured over hair and scalp and the most blissful of scalp and foot massages). Safe to say, I was sold and so with soft skin - and the perfect Christmas gift idea for my mum - in tow, I sought to make the feel good factor last for as long as possible. This cleanser did just that. Lightly foaming and providing great hydration without feeling heavy, it really delivers on its promises to gently rinse away makeup, dirt, oil and impurities without stripping essential moisture. A little also goes a very long way. As a result, my skin’s glowing, and so aptly, my review should be too.”

Reviewer: Ayesha Muttucumaru, Senior Features Writer.

9 / 11

Swell Volumising Hair Care System, £23.50 for a starter set

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Why we love it: It makes fine hair fuller, without the need for tortuous backcombing or litres of hairspray.

Review: “My boyfriend told me about a year ago that when we first met, he thought I had an uncanny resemblance to Russell Brand from behind and on profile, such were my volumising efforts. Beefing my hair up with endless likely silicone laden products clearly hadn’t been having the desired bouncy shampoo advert effect, and though I’ve since moved on from this version of ‘distressed’ body, I still find it incredibly tricky to combine softness and shine with any kind of root lift when going DIY. The Swell system, namely a shampoo, conditioner and rather genius root lifting spray (there’s also a dry shampoo, serum, mask and curl and bounce tonic in the range) is unique in that it uses minimum 97% naturally derived ingredients to both strengthen hair and scalp and create volume, without itchy build-up or the use of drying chemical ‘fillers’. Of course the stimulating ingredients in the range, even the natural ones, are ‘chemicals’, but they’ve been thoughtfully added to ramp up follicular activity over time, not to mention provide a favourable environment for supple, shiny volume, as both scalp and hair are left healthy rather than irritated. I suggest buying the starter set first to get into the swing. If you’re accustomed to silicone heavy hair care you’ll initially notice less ‘slip’ and sheen, but persevere for altogether happier lengths and roots that aren’t weighed down."

Reviewer: Anna Hunter, Senior Features Writer

10 / 11

Makeup Obsessions Palette, £6 for the palette, from £2 for individual colours

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Why we love it: A fully customisable palette that’s low in price but high in pigment.

Review: “There is something about a palette that I find irresistible; I can’t explain why, but show me one and I will want to keep it. The thing is, there’s always something inside that sleek packaging that you just don’t use; whether it’s the bright red lip that would look terrible on me or an off-piste shadow among more usable nudes, there’s always a wasted spot or two which makes carrying the whole case around a little impractical.

"Enter, Makeup Obsession. Cashing in on the bespoke beauty trend, Tam Beauty (the folk behind brilliant budget brand, Makeup Revolution) have created this range in which you pick an empty palette (choose from a range of sizes and colours) and fill it with single, clip-in colour cosmetics of your choice (which start at £2 each). I picked a gold case and filled it with a combination of six eyeshadows and highlighters for the ultimate party season palette, and so far I’ve used each and every shade. The makeup quality is much like Makeup Revolution - highly pigmented, deliciously creamy and velvety soft (make sure you include a highlighter or strobe balm, they are seriously impressive). I love that I can buy more singles and swap them out as and when I want to, and the fact that the prices are so low compared to other palettes mean I wouldn’t hesitate to stock up. A guaranteed hit for Christmas and beyond.”

Reviewer: Judy Johnson, Online Editor

11 / 11

Kiss the Moon Dream Aromatherapy Soy Candle, £38

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Why we love it: Worry-free relaxation.

Review: "One of the most valuable things to me right now, as an expectant mother, is having some time to relax and unwind at the end of the day. Not usually one for a lie down before bed I've recently taken to lying back, amidst my suite of maternity pillows and wedges, with some Jazz FM and a little candle light.  My newest recruit for this is the Kiss The Moon, Dream Aromatherapy Soy Candle - a delightful and sleep-priming jar of natural glowing goodness, complete with cotton and paper wick for the cleanest burn I’ve ever seen.  This, I’ve learned, is a real value-add as the soot produced by some paraffin wax candles can produce harmful toxins that are best avoided by mummas-to-be.  The scent itself is soft and subtle making this candle my perfect for bedroom accoutrement."

Reviewer: Gemma Bellman, Managing Director