Which beauty products are currently on our radars? These are the bargain and blowout buys we’re loving at the moment

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Which new beauty products have made a serious impression on the Glossy Posse as of late? From eyeshadow palettes to contouring kits, fake tans to body balms, these are the launches that have found a permanent place on our bathroom shelves and makeup bags in the past fortnight.

Judy Johnson, Online Editor

Kitsch Hair Ties

“I have slight issues with hair. I don’t like it on me, around me or generally in my way (or eyes), particularly in the daytime when I’m working, which is why 99% of the time my hair is up and off my face. Of course, this isn’t always the glossiest of styles and being amid a posse of glam glossy types complete with enviable blow dries means I’m always trying to make it that little more chic. Enter, Kitsch; aptly named and perfect for the upcoming festival season, the quirky brand’s hair ties are fun, frivolous and available in a full spectrum of colours, from sweet sorbet and candy pastels to monotone stripes and even some printed with positive life mantras. I’ve had numerous comments since swapping my usual black band for a pretty bow-adored spring pastel tie, and best of all they hold the hair well without pulling or snagging. My must-have for summer updos and beyond.”

£6.26.  Buy online .

Gemma Bellman, Managing Director

LOC One & Done Shadow Stick in Champagne Problems

“The debut makeup offering from Birchbox - LOC (a.k.a. Love of Color) - brings us big bold colour in BB-style sampling sizes. Not only does this mean a handy makeup must when you’re on the hoof, but also means you’re ready to try the next colour in no time. I’ve been road testing Champagne Problems - a soft metallic bronze eye pencil that’s kind to my pale skin and a dream to apply. Also available in Empress Me copper and Perfect Cents gold, this ‘one and done shadow stick’ gives easy breezy glamour to a barely there makeup face or a slick of shimmer to a more definite evening look. The texture is smooth and silky but lasts all day - nice one Birchbox!"

£8.  Buy online .

Sarah McGinnis, Art Editor

Zoeva Rose Golden Blush Palette

“As terrible as it sounds working in an office full of beauty junkies, I just can't contour (well I've never really been very successful!) However, this beautiful new palette from Zoeva consisting of a bronzer, highlighter and blush is perfect for any novice or contour pro! The blusher is a beautiful peachy-rose tone with a slight shimmer which, when added with the iridescent highlighter, perfectly reflects the light creating a glowy finish. The bronzer isn't too dark, (which is always my worry) and the velvety formula gives a texture that is easy to blend in - perfect for subtly hiding any mistakes! I also found that I didn’t need to use a lot to build up an intense result and it suited my paler complexion wonderfully.”

£12.50.  Buy online .

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Ayesha Muttucumaru, Senior Features Writer

Roger&Gallet Precious Replenishing Balm in Fleur de Figuier

“While I love the added hydration of a body butter, I have to say that I’m not all that keen on the inevitable post-application, pre-tights ‘flailing around’ that usually ensues in order to help hurry along its absorption. Fortunately though, those days have all but become a distant memory thanks to this deliciously scented body balm which has hit my bathroom shelf at the perfect time to answer all my dry skin woes.

“Intensely nourishing but also incredibly fast absorbing too, it’s provided the best of both worlds and has fast-become my new favourite post-shower treat for times when my lizardly limbs have needed it most. A conditioning cocktail of softening oils, shea butter and hyaluronic acid, it also left my legs and arms beautifully fragranced (thanks to the brand’s roots in French perfumery) to act as not only a treat for the skin, but the senses too.”

£17.  Buy online .

Anna Hunter, Senior Features Writer

Clarins 5 Colour Eye Shadow Palette in Natural Glow (Limited Edition)

“Clarins has gone down the rose gold packaging route, and from a shallow perspective the casing of this palette was the initial reason I took it home to play with; a departure from the usual red and gold is a welcome, cool update, and it’s certainly in line with contemporary taste (rose gold everything). What lies within is just as elegant; rich bronzes, brightening beiges and an off-black to define the crease or line eyes. With a mix-up of textures and finishes, there’s nothing not to like, and whether you blend all of the shadows together for ultimate ‘smoke’ or just use one or two for daily definition, you’ll get good mileage out of all five eye shades. That goes some way towards justifying the £33 price tag, although I do think that’s a bit spendy for a small-ish palette. That aside, it’s very handy for travelling and the brush provided is high quality, which sets it apart from many a makeup kit.”

£33.  Buy online .

Juliet Rees-Jones, Digital Marketing Manager

St.Tropez Gradual Tan Everyday Tinted Body Lotion

“'Oh you poor thing, looks like you’ve had that nasty bug that’s been making the rounds,' said a concerned friend the other day, and it was a bit like being offered a seat on the tube when you’re not in fact old. Or pregnant. You see I wasn’t ill; it was just my frosty pallor that made her blanch. Enter St Tropez’s Gradual Tan Everyday Tinted Body Lotion though and my winter woes have all but vanished. Always a fan of a gradual tan (my controlling nature prefers it), this new edition has none of the biscuit-y fumes and sticky consistency of its predecessor, and has left me streak free in spite of my amateur application skills (even around the dreaded elbow/ankle zones).

“Allow yourself plenty of time as the formula does take a while to soak in and if you want to go from a healthy glow to pretty tanfastic, I’d recommend applying a second coat the following evening (its cool-tone shade remains, which I love). My skin was left feeling smooth and supple with the only slip up being a slight staining between my fingers -  a good hand scrubbing is a step not to be missed.”

£15.  Buy online .

Lorna Patrick, Marketing Assistant

Diorblush Glowing Gardens in 844 Floral Pink

“A Dior blush isn’t just a blush for me. It’s the compact, it’s the brand and it’s the excitement of owning something so slick and luxurious. Not only is this blush incredible quality, but it brings something far more exciting with it - spring and summer. Just looking at this palette has me dreaming about the warmer, brighter months ahead, and the new flush of pink that I will be sporting on my cheeks to go with it.

“The blusher is embossed with a gorgeous floral design which almost makes me not want to use it…but the perfect pink shade for my pale skin makes me go straight for it every time. I’m hooked on this blush already and I can see it taking me straight through until the end of summer too.”

£32.50. Stockist no: 020 7216 0216.

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