Which beauty products are lighting our fire this fortnight? Here are our tried and tested pick of the bunch

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March; it’s so blah. Here’s the lineup of new launches and old favourites from beautyland that are getting us going despite grey skies, chilly temperatures and ‘meh’ March vibes.

Lorna Patrick, Marketing Assistant

Bobbi Brown Nude on Nude Eye Palette

"A great matte eyeshadow palette in wearable shades can be super hard to come by. Enter Bobbi Brown's Nude on Nude Eye Palette; it's quite the gamechanger. With 4 nude, skin tone-esque matte shadows and a darker brown definer, this palette is perfect for creating an everyday eye that'll take you straight through to nighttime. You can create a subtle wash of colour, a low key smoke or a much more dramatic smokey eye with ease. Just make sure you've got a good eyeshadow primer on first and a fluffy blending brush to hand and you're good to go. I'm a little obsessed."

£36, Buy online

Ayesha Muttucumaru, Senior Features Writer

Laura Mercier Candleglow Soft Luminous Foundation

“This month, I’ve been all about that base in preparation for the launch of my new GTG e-guide on foundations for darker skin tones ( which has just gone live btw ...). Sooo in the name of research, I’ve been blending and blotting to my heart’s content to find the very best that money can buy. While it’s been great seeing the variety that’s out there for every skin type and skin tone, on a personal level, one foundation that’s ticked all the boxes for my trans-seasonal skin in particular is the new Candleglow Foundation from Laura Mercier."

“Doing just what the name suggests, it’s made my skin look noticeably more radiant, but still appeased my turbulent T-zone thanks to its delicately reflective semi-matte finish. With a silky textured sheer to medium buildable formula that feels surprisingly caring while it covers and a shade range of an impressive 24, it’s acted as the perfect way to subtly blur blemishes and show my skin in its best possible light as it transitions from winter to spring.”

£35. Buy online.

Judy Johnson, Online Editor

Urban Decay Gwen Stefani Brow Box

“With fairly sparse, dark blonde brows, I’ve never got along with brow mousse and other creamy products, preferring to use a more subtle powder with an angled brush (pencils are just too harsh-looking in my opinion). This little Brow Box from Urban Decay’s Gwen Stefani Collection is my new favourite; an adorable little compact with a mirror, a darker and lighter blonde powder shade, a soft wax and a second tier containing two brushes and even a pair of miniature tweezers, it’s got everything you need for better brows. The shades are perfect for my colouring, and because the textures are so easily bendable they’d work for most blondes. The  wax is also refreshingly pliable (it’s infused with aloe, beeswax and coconut, if you’re interested) and obviously, the packaging is as fun and vibrant as you’d expect of the collaboration. You won’t get much change from a £20 note but this will last years - well worth it.”

£19.50, Buy online

Juliet Rees-Jones, Digital Marketing Manager

Givenchy Les Saisons Healthy Glow Powder

“I’ve made the decision to become a ‘no makeup makeup’ gal this summer, which of course makes it absolutely justifiable (indeed essential!) to procure an entirely new makeup collection. I'm already off to a winning start with this healthy glow powder from the new Givenchy 'Les Saisons' collection.”

“The powder itself is embossed with a stunning star design that left me, well, quite star struck and and the soft luminous sheen I noticed on lifting the lid transferred effortlessly onto my skin and gave me a subtle glow and just a hint of colour - more ‘I’ve spent a summer’s day in the garden’ than ‘I’ve toasted myself at the beach.”

“The formula is a baked liquid gel designed to leave only the pigment on your skin and it really does feel weightless and is incredibly easy to apply. I’ve been using it to create that all-over glow effect, but I imagine it would make a lovely soft eyeshadow too, adding some subtle definition to summery lids. This product has set the standard for my new makeup venture and truly deserves a glowing report.”

£36, Available from April

Anna Hunter, Senior Features Writer

ghd Air® Hairdryer

“My Nicky Clarke hairdryer from circa the 90s conked it last month, so I was in the market for one of these modern, shine boosting, blasty models. Having done a few recces of backstage fashion week appliances in my time, I noticed a fair few ghd Airs just hanging out, seemingly drying models’ rapunzel hair in mere minutes. What magic is this?”

“I’ve since shelled out for a considerably more expensive hair gadget than any I’ve purchased in the past, but boy does it do the business. Basically a small, fairly sleek wind machine, the Air is powerful no matter what setting you have it on, and it’s slashed my hair grooming time for sure. A fairly quick whip round leaves lengths smooth and frizz free, and the cord is long enough to allow a bit of creativity with brushes without you having to chain yourself to the nearest plug socket. I’ve stepped into the future of styling, and I’m impressed, although it is a tiny bit taxing on the arms weight wise. Good thing you won’t need to use it for long…”

£79.95, Buy online

Sarah McGinnis, Art Editor

Chanel Rouge Coco Stylo Complete Care Lipshine

“As an avid fan of a Rouge Coco lip colour, I am loving the latest instalment in the lip department from Chanel; Rouge Coco Stylo Complete Care Lipshine. Claiming to be a mix between the intensity of a lipstick, the shine of a gloss and the comfort of a balm, this twist-up lip colour has everything you'd want for an impeccable finish. The silk powder ingredient gives this lipstick a smooth and soft texture, allowing for an effortless application. Delivery more that your average lipstick, Stylo is enriched with nourishing apple seed extract, plus the hydrating elements of jojoba and coconut oil to help to seal in the vibrant, glossy colour. Despite having a shine to it, the lip colour also has impressive staying power. Histoire is my current favourite - a vibrant, deep pinky red, and thankfully a little really goes a long way. In short, perfect clutch bag companion.”

£37, coming soon

Gemma Bellman, Managing Director

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Eye Rescue (Part I of II)

“It’s all in the eyes when it comes to ageing as the thin skin around this area absorbs every crease and crumple life has to throw at us.  Having recently reached my third decade of life, and now beginning to feel my crow’s feet taking ground, I’ve decided try out Charlotte Tilbury’s Magic Eye Rescue (a.k.a. the eye lift in a jar!) in the hope it can help fend off my fine lines that little bit longer. On first encounter this pot is luxuriously over-sized, reassuringly weighty and crowned in Charlotte’s signature rose gold glint.  The cream itself is a soft peach hue and thick in texture which, when applied, really keeps it’s cool, offering an instant feeling of freshness and re-hydration.  Though only in my first week of this road test I predict good things to come, and will be sure to update on my battle lines in weeks to come.”

£40.00, Buy online 

Susannah Taylor, Editor-in-Chief

Foreo Luna Mini

"My cleansing routine just got supercharged - I have slightly fallen in love with my Foreo. What the heck is it you may ask? It’s an electric facial cleansing brush, in the shape of an squashed egg, whose tip is covered in little tiny silicone villi. When you turn it on, it vibrates, and when used with your cleanser, the little 3mm nodules have been proven in tests to exfoliate the skin, unclog pores and remove general grime and dirt. I also feel it gives skin a gentle massage, and after only a few weeks of using it I feel my skin has a renewed radiance it’s been lacking most of the winter. There is a bigger version, but I have the mini which I can throw in a wash bag and it gets right into difficult areas like the corners of the nose and the chin. I also prefer it to the more traditional electric cleansing brushes which I feel can gather bacteria. It’s boring washing my face without it."

£125, Buy online