Glossy Posse Picks: what we’re loving in health and beauty this week

Anna Hunter 18 March 2017
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Glossy Posse Picks: what we’re loving in health and beauty this week

We’ve been busy cleansing, cooking and slathering ourselves in the latest creams on the market in order to let you know what’s really worth it in the world of health and beauty. Whether you’re after a new do-it-all balm, a swanky new hairdo or simply want a recipe guide that makes post-work meals a doddle, you’re in the right place. Read through the reviews of what’s caught our attention lately.

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Bobbi Brown Pretty Powerful III Pot Rouge for Lips & Cheeks, £21

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Why we love it: “A limited edition version of Bobbi Brown’s bestselling lip and cheek formula that’s both pretty and powerful in its effects.”

Review: “Pretty in finish, powerful in purpose, this limited edition incarnation of the brand’s bestselling lip and cheek formula serves as the mightiest of makeup multitaskers. Deliciously creamy, it provides the perfect balance of rosy and radiance making it refreshingly far-reaching in its appeal. More importantly though, the full RRP less VAT of each one sold in the UK will be donated to Smart Works, a charity that gives interview training, interview clothing and advice to out-of-work women on low incomes - this is one makeup pick that does more to empower than meets the eye.”

Reviewer: Ayesha Muttucumaru, Senior Features Writer

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Votary Intense Night Oil, £135

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Why we love it: "A science-led deeply nourishing facial oil that works to restore skin and protect it against ageing."

Review: "My beauty shelves are full of facial oils. I absolutely adore them but with so many to choose from how do you know you have one that is actually working and kicking your skin into shape? As skin ages and especially with pollution levels at an all time high in the city, skin needs more nourishment than ever. Votary has recently launched the Roship and Retinoid Intense Oil and to say that it's exquisite would be an understatement. A powerful blend of plant oils and extracts are combined with a gentle oil-soluble form of retinoid to create a lightweight yet deeply nourishing facial oil. Helping to reduce the breakdown of collagen, just four to five drops massaged into the skin each evening works to nurture skin overnight, leaving it firmer and smoother. The texture alone is velvety and both skin and mind feel restored after massaging it in; the rosehip scent is incredibly soothing. We are of course talking luxe end of the budget here, but for something that is going to last a while and feed your skin with a big whack of goodness, it goes on my list as one of those must-have investments."

Reviewer: Sarah McGinnis, Art Editor

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Clean Beauty Co Babe Balm, £28

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Why we love it: "A powerful, natural multi-tasker."

Review: "This debut launch from Clean Beauty Co's high-performance range is now a handbag and travel staple for me. It’s a rich seed oil balm (with a bit of coconut oil thrown in) and I’ve been using it as a cleanser and makeup remover, a school gates dry skin dabber for when my nine year-old has forgotten to put cream on his dry eczema patches as well as a lip balm, eyebrow glosser and emergency moisturiser. I’ve given a pot to my 13-year-old daughter to help get the London pollution grime off her skin. She loves the peachy colour (from pink sweet potato extract) and the subtle tropical smell of the pequi oil, from the seed of the Brazilian fruit."

"What sets it apart from a simple natural balm are the power ingredients notably coenzyme Q10, which is necessary for free radical fighting and collagen production and which our bodies produce less of after the age of 30. It also contains  squalane , a moisture-boosting botanical lipid. A hit with all the family."

Reviewer: Victoria Woodhall, Editor

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The Paul Edmonds Experience

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Why we love it: “A much-loved hair industry legend is spreading his wings…”

Review: “In our line of work we’re lucky to visit many a hair and beauty salon, but a trip to Paul Edmonds in Knightsbridge is ‘certificate of excellence’ territory, which is one of the reasons why I’m eagerly anticipating the launch of the starry but discreet hair stylist’s new salon opening in the new Battersea Power Station development this summer. Paul has been in the game for over 30 years with many a celebrity client depending on his considered cutting style and expert eye, but the word ‘humble’ comes to mind when you meet him. Gentle, witty and smiley eyed, it’s no surprise that he’s fostered a ‘family’ vibe in his salon, and the warm and welcoming nature of each member of staff means that you feel all the more empowered to ask for what you actually want (frosty salon= clamming up in the stylist’s chair= hair mare). With the renowned Jack Howard on board for colour, an exceptional brand offering in the beauty rooms and a ‘nothing is too much trouble’ atmosphere, I can’t wait to see what Paul and his posse bring to Battersea. In the meantime, his original salon is as good as ever.”

Reviewer: Anna Hunter, Senior Features Writer

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A Simple Table: Recipes and rituals for a life in balance, £25

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Why we love it: “Simple, nourishing recipes”

Review: "This rather wonderful cookbook came across my desk this week. The timing is apt as I have been after a bit of recipe inspiration both to ring the changes from my usual weekday repertoire but also to welcome spring with open arms and all that it brings in delicious, seasonal produce. A Simple Plate, written by Chi-San Wan and Natali Stajcic of The Pressery , contains delicious, unfussy recipes which are both perfect for weekday one-pot wonders and thrown together, relaxed gatherings with friends. I made the Mung Dahl Khidchi (a warmly spiced lentil and rice dish with spinach and peas) which was both easy to throw together and fantastically tasty. There are some recipes that you might think are too simple to be included in a cookbook, for example sliced peaches on sourdough, but I was quick to remind myself that I would never think to put those two things together myself (and how delicious does that sound?!). I see that the book has been given the stamp of approval by  Anna Jones  whose recipes I also love, so if you’re a fan of The Pressery or of Anna Jones, this will be a great addition to your cookbook library – a book to both pore over on lazy Sunday afternoons or for quick, easy meals."

Reviewer: Alecka Micklewright, Commercial Director

7 / 7

FOREO ISSA Hybrid Sonic Toothbrush, £149

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Why we love it: “A high-tech, sleek design that’s gentle on sensitive mouths.”

Review: “It’s not only my skin that’s sensitive ; I’ve always had sensitive teeth and though my dentist has few complaints when I visit, one is that I really need to take care of my gums, brushing them as well as my teeth (ouch). It’s always baffled me that other people seem happy to run bristles along and into their gums - either I’m a total wimp or I’m doing it wrong. But this ISSA Hybrid toothbrush from FOREO, a tech-savvy electric toothbrush with a flexible head made of silicone and PBT polymer bristles, could be the answer for sensitive mouths. The silicone rubs rather than scratches the gums while the bristles efficiently clean the surface of the teeth (note - the head is quite long but if this bothers you there is a mini version). It has eight speed settings, a built-in timer so you know you’ve done a thorough job, and one 1-hour charge (via USB - so slick) lasts up to six months. It is expensive compared to other electric toothbrushes, but given that my usual brush needs batteries replacing constantly, plus is too harsh to use on my gums effectively, I think it could save one or two dentist bills in the future.”

Reviewer: Judy Johnson, Digital Editor