Glossy Posse Picks: what we're obsessed with at the moment

2 July 2016
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Glossy Posse Picks: what we're obsessed with at the moment

What have the Glossy Posse been loving this fortnight? From brow pencils to hair heros and beauty pop-ups to supreme styling services, we reveal what we couldn't get enough of for the past couple of weeks.

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The Good Ship Benefit at R.S Hispaniola, free (or book for lunch, dinner, drinks or makeup)

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Why we love it: A summer pop-up that’s too good to miss.

Review: "When I heard that Benefit had taken over a ship on the Thames for the summer, I knew it would be good - but until I went along I didn’t realise just how good. With giant mascara tubes at the door and a wonderfully pink colour scheme, the boat is a beauty lover’s paradise. From the makeup shop downstairs where you can get brow and makeup treatments to the hot pink bar to the Lashitude restaurant and pink-carpeted upper deck, there is something for everyone. I took a friend for her 30th birthday and enjoyed a flawless three-course meal in the Lashitude restaurant before enjoying a drink on the deck with a great view of the London Eye. The food, service and setting were perfect and I urge anyone who loves the brand to go along, be it for a makeover, afternoon tea or evening cocktail. It’s a must-see!"

Reviewer: Judy Johnson, Online Editor

3 / 9

OUAI Clean Shampoo, £22 and Conditioner, £22

Buy the shampoo online here  and the conditioner,  here

Why we love it: A duo of new hair heroes that leaves hair cleansed and nourished in one fell swoop.

Review: “I’m quite fussy about my hair products. My wavy, thick hair needs moisture, but also demands a formula lightweight enough that doesn’t leave it greasy after just one day. It’s a tricky balance to achieve however, this pairing has proven to be just the trick for my high maintenance hair.

“Created by Jen Atkin, stylist to stars such as Jennifer Lopez, Cindy Crawford, Jessica Alba and Kim Kardashian (to name but a few), her new range provides a roster of high performance products that work a treat for overworked hair. Enriched with conditioning but deep cleansing goodies, the beautifully scented ‘Clean’ sulfate-free Shampoo and nourishing Conditioner have really delivered on their promises to leave my hair softer, shinier and healthier-looking. I’m a huge fan.”

Reviewer: Ayesha Muttucumaru, Senior Features Writer

4 / 9

Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector in 10, £18

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Why we love it: A sheer, non-sticky lip gloss formula perfect for the summer.

Review: "A good lip gloss can be hard to come by. With their sticky, too glossy and super messy formula, honestly, I usually give them a miss but the Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector is nothing quite like I’ve tried before. This gloss is soft on the lips with a non sticky formula, so you don’t have to worry about your hair getting stuck at a slight blow of the wind. The pigmentation is subtle, I’ve got 10, a pink shimmer, and it adds a sheer wash of colour to the lips and is perfect for the summer! If you’re a lipgloss-a-phobe like I was, then this is most definitely a must try…"

Reviewer: Lorna Patrick, Marketing Assistant

5 / 9

VOTARY Super Seed Facial Oil, £70

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Why we love it: A genius bottle of super seeds to anti-age, calm and nourish even the most sensitive of skin.

Review: "Having only launched less than a year ago, VOTARY have already made cult status in the skincare world, and are firm favourites in my bathroom cabinet. Expertly created by makeup artist Arabella Preston, their latest launch is designed for skin that is feeling sensitive, reactive or hormonal. Containing a blend of 21 different seed oils, from chia, to pumpkin, it has a wonderfully rustic and natural woody scent. Completely fragrance-free, it is suited to even the most sensitive of skin. I find it perfect for when my skin is playing up - the anti-inflammatory ingredients calm my skin, for a brighter and more radiant complexion. A little bottle of magic in my opinion."

Reviewer: Sarah McGinnis, Art Editor

6 / 9

Blush+Blow London, from £5

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Why we love it: A well considered selection of brands, supreme styling and customer service and...the cutest spaniel puppy on earth.

Review: "The first ‘person’ to greet me at Blush+Blow was Pickles, a King Charles spaniel puppy who was also a dead ringer for Lady of Lady and The Tramp, although I didn’t tell him this so as not to emasculate him. My experience only got more fairytale like from there. I had my hair blow dried and braided as my nails were done, with great tip offs as to long lasting polish and volume building prep products (no hard sell). Although I didn’t experience them, the regal pedi chairs look beyond cushy, the tiled ‘self tan room’ spares you the suffocating environment of a tent and even massage is on offer if all you want to do is dive downstairs and unwind. Blush+Blow is far, far more than a blow dry bar, and as it happens it blows much of the competition out of the water, in the relative suburbs of London anyway. If you’re Parsons Green way, or even if you’re not, pay Bridget and her team a visit. The thoughtful opening hours should even allow you to pop in before work or a big event, and Pickles alone will make your day before it’s even begun."

Reviewer: Anna Hunter, Senior Features Writer

7 / 9

St.Tropez Gradual Tan In Shower Lotion Golden Glow in Medium, £9.67

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Why we love it: This is a deeper tan of the original in-shower version.

Review: When the original In Shower St Tropez tan launched last year, it created quite a stir.  How could it work that you apply a self tan and wash it off in the shower and it still manages to develop into a golden glow, sans streaks? I don’t know how it works to be honest but it does. My only complaint was that it wasn’t dark enough  - I would have to apply it for about three days in a row to get a good result. So I was super excited to hear about the launch of this, which I applied yesterday post shower at the gym. Same type of product, same protocol: you apply it to wet skin in the shower and leave for three minutes before washing off. What you do in those three minutes is up to you (a friend of mine does squats, I put conditioner on my hair and packed my gym bag naked!). Has it worked? Yes - it’s a deeper, glowier, more Gisele type colour of the original with no streaks and no tide marks. Result.

Reviewer: Susannah Taylor, Editor-in-Chief

8 / 9

Dirty Works Cucumber Eye Pads, £4

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Why we love it: A caffeine-free fix for tired eyes.

Review: "As someone who has recently given up caffeine(!) I’m certainly slower to jump out of bed these days and very much in need of an alternative pick-me-up.  Enter the Dirty Works Cucumber Eye Pads which promise to relieve and rejuvenate tired eyes within minutes.  These genius, cucumber-extract and aloe vera infused moisturised pads, once applied to clean (and closed) eyes, offer a moment of calm, cool refreshment.  I’m not sure whether it’s the cucumber scent, soft hydration or the fact that I closed my eyes for a few minutes while they worked, but it certainly did the trick.  My top tip for getting the most out of these is to pop them in the fridge for 15 mins before applying, for a super cool burst of energy.  At only £4 for 10 packs, I think I’ve just found my new daily fix!"

Reviewer: Gemma Bellman, Managing Director

9 / 9

Benefit Goof Proof Eye Pencil, £18.50

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Why we love it: Easy peasy brow shaping and no sharpening involved - plus it looks cool.

Review: "With Benefit reportedly having a 60% share of the eyebrow makeup market, they're obviously doing something right, and in attempt to continue eyebrow world domination, comes Benefit’s brand new range of fab looking eyebrow products, including the Goof Proof Eyebrow Pencil.

"While 'goof proof' is a bold statement (I don’t believe anyone can eliminate eyebrow disasters - it happens!) the pencil is designed to maximise ease of use with maximum impact. A elegantly slanted pencil head that requires no sharpening (just twist at the base) is encased in a slanted hard case tip, so no matter how much you draw onto your eyebrow, the original shape of the high-performance head is designed to remain. Attention must be paid to colour choice as this pencil needs little application to really pack a punch, but this eyebrow product comes in triple the number of colour options previously on offer from Benefit, so most people should get a good match. And at the end, if you are subject to any untameable hairs, there is a brush at the other end of the wand. Woopah! You’re eyebrow ready!"

Reviewer: Gemma Painter, Digital Marketing Manager