Blondes are said to have more fun, but according to the latest sales figures if you want to be gorgeous, then you’ve got to be grey. Our friends at Layered tells us why grey is the new black...

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We’ve been banging on about going grey for ages now. We saw it first amongst fashion and beauty bloggers, it then appeared on last season's catwalks. Next, celebs like Lady Gaga and Rita Ora were doing it which led to salons being inundated for requests for grey. Who would have thought!

“Over the last few years we’ve had  ombre , we’ve had rainbow brights and pastels worked over bleached ends and I feel that the huge grey trend is a reaction to be totally different to that,” says Tracy Hayes, Global Head of Technical Training at Fudge Professional. “It’s such a versatile colour, you can play with the grey tones to create anything from deep graphite to a pale smoky grey and it works on both men and women.”

Now the sales of at-home grey colour enhancers have soared by 80% so it seems we are no longer covering our greys but embracing them instead.

This change in attitude has also led to a new breed of slightly unusual hair idols. Dame Helen Mirren - ok, not so unusual, Dot Cotton - who would have thunk it! - and Paul Hollywood…..errrrr.

If you’ve followed suit and transformed your hair, then here are some of the best products you need to keep your grey looking gorgeous.

Bleach London Silver Shampoo , £5 
If you are already quite fair or have a lot of bleach in your hair then this shampoo will give your hair that silvery-grey edge.

Touch of Silver PRO:VOKE Touch Of Silver Intense Keratin Treatment Shots,  £6 for three treatments
Getting hair to a true grey means a lot of bleach being applied to the hair so you could find your hair gets quite dry. This keratin shot that you simply add to warm water, mix into as paste and slather over after shampooing, will get it back in tip top condition after one use.

Fudge Professional Light HED-ed Hair Oil , £12.95 
Grey hair doesn’t reflect light as well as darker hair so you need to inject shine and gloss with this hair oil that is made specifically for hair that has been lightened to grey tones.

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