From the hottest hair colour to the style that's easy to do at home, as well as the in-salon treatment that creates the must-have texture simply and easily. We give the most wearable new season hair trends a go and you can try them too and get 30% off!

Written in partnership with Kao

The change of seasons is the perfect time to rethink your hair, because there are certain looks and styles that work that much better in the colder months. Colours that won’t lift in the sunshine are great to experiment with in cooler months, not to mention being able to embrace smoother styles as frizz-inducing humidity is long gone.

That’s why we’ve teamed up with our friends at Kao (who own hair brands Goldwell, KMS and KERASILK) to show off three of the most wearable trends of the season. And if that wasn’t enough, RUSH Hair and Beauty (who stock all the brands) have a 30 per cent discount code so you can go and experience them for yourselves at any salon. Scroll down for more info on that.

But first to the trends and how we got on trying them out.

The texture trend: French girl hair

The trend: This is the hair we all dream about. It looks so soft you want to run your fingers through it, it’s got a bit of shape and style to it but doesn’t look like its taken hours to achieve. There’s zero frizz and maximum shine. However, the irony is that if you want hair that looks like you’ve done nothing to it most hair types do need to have something done to it to achieve the look. And that’s where the KERASILK Keratin Smoothing Treatment comes in.

The process: The vegan keratin treatment smooths and de-frizzes making hair easier to manage and style and there are different KERASILK service options depending on hair type. It's a seven step process; starting with shampooing and rough drying the hair, the treatment is then brushed all over and left to develop for 15 minutes. The hair is then washed again, dried and straightened to lock the treatment in. Another shampoo and condition follow and the hair is dried once more and styled.

Our tester: GTG's Beauty Director, SJ took her fine and frizzy hair to RUSH Hair and Beauty in London’s Kensington.

“I don’t have the time or capability to nail the French girl hair look every morning, but it’s what I desperately want. So, if there's a treatment that saves me time and gets me the end result, I'm booking in. The KERASILK Keratin Smoothing treatment involves a few trips to and from the backwash, but on my shoulder length hair the whole process only took 90 minutes. Thanks to its vegan ingredients it's not smelly and didn't feel harsh on my hair or scalp and will last around three to five months depending on how frequently you wash your hair. Because it's not a straightening treatment you can tie your hair up straight after, if you want, and you can also wash your hair the same day. It’s recommended that you use a sulphate free shampoo and conditioner, such as KERASILK Smoothing Shampoo & Conditioner, to maximise the results. My hair was super smooth and soft afterwards but hasn't lost any of its natural volume. When I washed and styled it at home I could quickly rough dry it and my hair was instantly smooth and frizz-free.”

Book now: KERASILK Keratin Smoothing Treatment starts from £180. Use code KERASILK30 for 30% discount.

The colour trend: Peek-a-boo hair

The trend: A new take on Nineties’ two-tone hair (think Ginger Spice grows up) this look takes this season’s must-have warm copper and adds a face-framing cool ice-blonde ‘peek-a-boo’ hairline and it’s had over 427 million views on TikTok. Tuck your hair behind your ear or scrape it back into a messy bun and a whole new look appears.

The process: A patch testing consultation a few days beforehand to check suitability and choose the best Goldwell shades. Foil ice blonde highlights applied first around the hairline followed by permanent copper colour and a toner applied to bring out the iciness in the blonde.

Our tester: Clara Denny, 20 is a student and visited RUSH Hair and Beauty in Liverpool.

“I’m naturally dark blonde but have been dying my hair copper with permanent box dye for two years and knew that I would never be able to recreate this look at home with box dye. Professional application and high-quality colour product was required. At my consultation, they confirmed that the look I’d saved on Pinterest was doable without damaging my hair. I wanted quite a striking colour, but as healthcare student whose often in the workplace, I have to look professional, so peek-a-boo colour was the perfect option. They advised me which Goldwell shades would both match my reference picture and work together on my colouring - there were lots to choose from so I'm glad my stylist could advise on the most flattering for me. I had some layers put in too for texture and to allow the blonde to peek though. I love that this is two looks in one.”

Book now: Half head Goldwell highlights from £87. Full head permanent Goldwell colour from £59. Use code GOLDWELL30 for 30% discount.

The style trend: Big bouncy blow-dry

The trend: It's the hairstyle that makes a comeback every season and is a red carpet regular, and for very good reason as nothing says 'polished' and 'done' like a big bouncy blow-dry. We all know that celebs and models have stylists tweaking every strand on their head but of all the trends, this is the one that can definitely be done at home using the right styling products and a bit of help from heated hair tools. 

The process: Step in KMS Moistrepair Shampoo, and Conditioner, which leave hair soft and hydrated but is also great prep for other products to be layered on to. And to get shape, volume and smoothness KMS Moistrepair Revival Creme and Thermashape Quick Blow Dry Spray are a great combination that can be applied together onto towel-dried hair. Finish by blow-drying to get as much shape as possible into the hair 

Our tester: GTG’s Beauty and Social Media Assistant Amy Rostas, used KMS products from the comfort of her home.  

“I’m very intimidated when it comes to pin curls and a bouncy blow-dry but I was willing to be pushed out of my comfort zone. The Thermashape Quick Blow Dry Spray cut my drying time in half and I went over with a hot styling brush (a small round brush and a hairdryer would achieve the same effect) and then pinned the curls in place to cool down, which helps the style last longer.The products added shine, volume and hold to my hair all the perfect attributes when doing a bouncy blow-dry.”

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