Yes, it’s our 5th birthday, and how better to celebrate than to look back on the health and beauty stories that you’ve loved

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Light the candles and put your party hat on, for today Get The Gloss turns the ripe old age of five! Yes, it’s happy birthday to us, but to you, our ever loyal readers, too; since 1st October 2012 you’ve been clicking, reading, commenting and sharing the latest health and beauty finds that our writers have put together and we couldn’t have done it without you.

Since Susannah Taylor  and Sarah Vine  founded GTG, you’ve read over 30 million pages - but which ones really kept you clicking? We’ve trawled through the archives to find out which stories were the most popular in each of the years we’ve been running, and it’s thrown up some old gems.

Here are your favourite Get The Gloss moments so far - and long may they continue…


Just three months into the site’s life, the 5:2 diet  took hold of the nation with anyone who’s anyone giving fasting a go. We devised a weekly 5:2 diet plan  with the help of Vicki Edgson and it was your most visited page of the year; weight loss was clearly on your minds, too, as Amelia Freer’s golden rules for healthier eating  were top of the Gloss that summer.

But it wasn’t all about food - you flocked to read our interview with top makeup artist Lisa Eldridge  (whose beauty tutorials always rock our world) and couldn’t wait to discover what we thought of the Lancome Dreamtone serum that Kate Middleton reportedly swore by . Plus, contouring was on the rise (thanks, Kardashians) and so we taught you how to contour your face like a pro . You’re welcome, 2013 reader…


Back in 2014 our brilliantly funny columnist Emma Bartley  went viral, twice (we reckon that deserves a toast - clink), first with her honest account of the 50 things you don’t have time for now you’re a mother , and then with her rather confessional list of the big little lies mums tell non-mums .

Elsewhere you were watching Susannah vlog her way through her top modern classics , getting hair inspo for the best short hairstyles  that are well worth copying, and finding out whether exercise can ever be orgasmic  with Exfoliator columnist Ahmed Zambarakji. Don’t ever say we’re not eclectic…


2015: the year in which love won in the USA and Ireland, we couldn’t decide whether a dress was blue or gold, and of course the adorable Princess Charlotte arrived. Meanwhile on GTG you were going mad for makeup brushes , sharing your tips on how to get rid of prickly heat  and looking up the best sun creams for sensitive skin .

Makeup took centre stage, too, as you read Ayesha Muttucumaru’s guide to the ultimate concealers for darker skin tones , before continuing your love of contouring with our round-up of the best budget and premium contouring buys . The face wants what the face wants.


I mean, the less said about 2016, the better, so let’s focus on all the great stuff we were doing, shall we? OK. The 5:2 diet showed no signs of slowing down as you looked to our 10 day plan of meal ideas for your fast days  (seriously, we admire your commitment) but otherwise it was a beauty-full year.

From finding out whether your makeup was clogging your pores with our non-comedogenic makeup guide  to swotting up on the fake tan tips any faux glow seeker needs to know , you were getting technical; plus, it was back to basics with the best cleansers for sensitive skin  - we’ve been there - and a shopping fix in the form of our BB, CC cream and tinted moisturiser bumper edit . It’s all about that base…


Last but by no means least, here’s what’s been getting you excited in 2017 so far. In our fifth year you’ve been checking out Joe Wicks (ahem) for his Lean in 15 recipes , from the quick and easy meals to get you through the working week  to his ever famous protein pancakes . On a more serious note, the acne drug roaccutane  caught your interest since it hit the headlines in May for potential risks - read our expert guide and check out our other acne advice here .

You’ve also kept a close eye on our Makeup Maniac’s top tips and products for making your lashes look longer  (lash extensions are your friend) and followed our edit of the best budget foundations  that are every bit as good as the premium versions. We like to think being cheap is pretty chic , remember?

So there you have it - five years of stories that we hope have improved your health and beauty routines, made you laugh or made you think.

What do you want to see next? Comment below to let us know if there’s a topic you’re keen to read about and sign up to our newsletter  for a week of daily specials starting tomorrow.

For now though, we’re off to celebrate… here's to the next five!