Katie Robertson on why the men of the celebrity world have just got to let their hair down...

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Here at Get The Gloss we like to think of ourselves as women of the 21st century, who are open to the flexibility of gender in fashion and beauty - shaved buzz-cuts á la Miley, why not? Men in leather kilts on X Factor? We approve!

But there’s a new trend cropping up that we just can’t get on board with: man buns. Now this isn't exactly a new thing; over the years we have certainly seen our fair share of Kurt Cobains and Heath Ledgers sporting the grungy/hippy/90s up-do. The man bun has even been the cause of revealing hidden facial gems - just cast your minds back to season one of The Hills where we first saw Justin Bobby tie back his tousled tendrils to reveal that he was actually really good looking (he had previously just resembled a dirty Cousin It lookalike).

However, there is something about this new wave of man buns worn by those such as Colin Farrell, Brad Pitt, Chris Hemsworth, Harry Styles, Bradley Cooper and Russell Brand that just doesn't sit well with us. These days it has less of a rock 'n' roll edge and more of a preened pony look that's more metrosexual than Hollywood heartthrob.

What's more, us girls are only recently seeing the upsurge of our own top-knot styles and buns in fashion, so we can’t help but feel the boys need to back off and let the ladies have this one. Let’s be fair, we've already caved on men wearing jewellery, the excess of guy liner and their excruciating skinny jeans: we officially draw the line at the updo.