Post gym and lazy day hair has the official sartorial seal of approval. Here’s why, by legendary hair stylist Sam McKnight…

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For Roland Mouret’s first London Fashion Week show in ten years yesterday, in celebration of the brand’s 20th anniversary, the French born designer embraced hair stylist supremo Sam McKnight ’s artfully created bedhead, which is no great surprise given the French penchant for polished nonchalance in the beauty department. Instead of high-end hair texturizers and complicated techniques, however, the key backstage product was one that we’ve all got stashed away in a desk drawer or handbag, and according to Herbal Essences  it’s the reason that 40% of us delay washing our hair. Dry shampoo, my friends, got chic.

For Mouret’s return to his ‘creative home’ in London, McKnight created ‘the look of love’ for AW17. Think ‘post-passion’, rather than ‘late for work’ hair, but dry shampoo was the first step, proving that styling out two-day old hair for a romantic effect is totally possible, even if the most blood-pumping thing you’re doing is running for the bus. I’ll let Sam explain…

“It’s minimal and super-clean kinda bedhead hair- as if sweat’s been air-dried to create light texture and movement.”

It’s fair to say that for one of the world’s most prestigious stylists, Sam keeps it real. For the Roland Mouret AW17 show, he used  Batiste Original Dry Shampoo , £2.99, to gloriously beachy effect. Here’s why dry shampoo is a gamechanger in Sam’s eyes, and how to get the most of it:

“It’s an essential in my kit.”

“I think that definitely, every stylist would say this now. You need to be able to change hair quickly and be flexible. You don’t always have an opportunity to wash a models hair so on occasion dry shampoo is a life saver. Most often there aren’t any hair washing facilities backstage so being able to turn a hairstyle around is vital, plus models are usually running from the last show, and no one has any time.”

“It’s not just good for getting rid of grease.”

“It’s great for texture throughout or just at the roots. I use it sprayed directly onto my brush just to touch up and highlight the hairline.”

“It works on dark hair too, but it’s all in the application…”

“For dark hair, I am sometimes concerned about residue affecting natural hair colour. Opt for ‘colour matching’ dry shampoos to achieve the best result, and adjust the way you apply it.”

“Try spraying dry shampoo onto hair brush and then brush through hair thoroughly. This is also a handy trick for hair that needs a refresh in general, or to achieve that beautiful, super soft texture.”

“For greasy hair, spray dry shampoo directly onto roots and hair, brush hair thoroughly and give it a good blast with a hairdryer to remove any residue.”

“Some hair types need washing more than others.”

“Your hair could need washing every day, or even just once a week. It really does depend on your hair and scalp. As a rule, curly hair can be left for longer, while fine, straight hair needs more frequent washing.”

Now you’ve got the dry shampoo regime down, here’s how to recreate the look from Roland Mouret’s AW17 show, fresh off the catwalk.

“To get that just-stepped-out-of-the-shower vibe, follow the step-by-step”:

1. Freshen up hair with  Batiste Original Dry Shampoo .

2. Use Stylist Collection by Batiste Hold Me Hairspray , £4.49, as a prep to create texture. Curling irons were used on models with very straight hair (for this prep with Stylist Collection by Batiste Heat & Shine Spray , £4.49).

3. Create an air-dried wet look with using Stylist Collection by Batiste Hydrate Me Oil Mist , £4.49.

4. Use fingers to lightly tousle the hair so that it looks as natural as possible.

A final word from Sam- if you’re going to invest in a hair product, make sure it’s fulfils on the following claim:

“Look for products that are proven to improve the condition of your hair- that’s where your money should be going.”

For more priceless hair insight, add  Hair by Sam McKnight  to your reading list. As former hairstylist to Diana Princess of Wales, not to mention the go-to transformative hair hero for the likes of Lady Gaga and Kate Moss, who graces the book cover, Sam’s witty style and commentary makes for seriously engaging reading, while imagery of Tilda Swinton channeling David Bowie and quirky creations for Chanel and Vivienne Westwood prove just why McKnight is so in-demand. Whether he’s working with dry shampoo, or indeed actual royalty, he keeps his feet on the ground, and as proof the fact that he doesn’t take himself too seriously check out his ‘wig series’ on Instagram ( @sammcknight1 ), which has now extended to face masks, fascinators and trips to the dentist. Grounded is the word.

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