Judy Johnson shows you how to dress up your hair with a nautical twist with this guide to creating a fishtail plait

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Plaits are making a comeback. Not only has Jennifer Aniston brought back the braid with her half-and-half hairstyle at the Guys Choice awards, but Cheryl Cole arrived at Cannes with a loose and backcombed plait while Alexa Chung has Instagrammed  a sneak preview of her upcoming L'Oreal campaign, in which she's sporting a beautiful plaited up-do with her face-framing bangs; and it’s fair to say we loved all three.

It couldn't be better timing; with festival season underway  and the sunshine making an appearance, a pretty plait is practical when it comes to looking good from day to night and adds a touch of hippy chic to your carefree summer style. But if you're going to make a truly heady hair statement, the forever trendy fishtail plait is the way to go.

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So named because it resembles the shape of a fishbone, this mermaid-like 'do adds oodles of fashion-forward glam to any look; the likes of Kristen Stewart, Leona Lewis, Fearne Cotton and Nicole Scherzinger have all sashayed along the red carpet with their tresses swept into the catwalk favourite, proving it suits all type of hair - all you really need is length. We asked the experts at Daniel Galvin Junior how to copy the look…

Tom Greenhouse , Top Stylist at Daniel Galvin Junior, says "The fishtail plait is a great way to achieve a relaxed, disheveled look." Here he explains how to create the marine marvel:

Step 1: Prep

Step 2: Set

  • Using a paddle brush, comb through your hair and divide into two equal sections before plaiting
  • Take a small piece of hair from the right section from underneath, and bring it over to the left section, wrapping around the entire section
  • Make sure your strands of hair aren’t too large, or it will look more like a regular braid
  • Do the same thing with the left section and continue the process until you finish braiding and secure your hair with a band

Step 3: Finish

  • This look is best worn messy so use a sea salt spray to help create that tousled look; I like  L’Oreal Play Ball,  £12.25.
  • With your fingertips, pull and scrunch your hair slightly to give it a modern, matte and textured finish.
  • Alternatively, you could go for a sleeker look and finish by using a gel.