The Uni delivers clinic-worthy skincare results from a tiny handheld gadget

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Written in partnership with  RÉDUIT

This month sees the launch of Swiss beauty brand RÉDUIT's latest gadget,  UNI , £89, which promises to give injectable-grade performance via its enhanced delivery system - with painless results from the comfort of your home. RÉDUIT already has a fan in Victoria Beckham, who used the device on her models’ hair at her September 2020 fashion week presentation.

How does Uni work?

UNI is a tiny, lightweight pot-shaped device that fits in the palm of your hand. You slot one of the 24 different pods into it depending on your skin and hair needs (from pore cleansing to brightening to moisturising). It then drives the ingredients deep into your skin or hair through a fine mist. You don’t have to touch your hair or skin for the benefits, which makes it ideal in our hyper hygiene conscious world. You charge the device via USB.

As well as 12 skin pods to cater to your skin needs, there are 12 hair pods too, which work on everything from colour protecting to volumising and strengthening and even shine treatments and daily shampoo and conditioner.

UNI has a  magnetic misting technology  which is key to the device. It allows smaller particles of active ingredients to be dispersed to the skin and hair, achieving a super-fine film finish and 38 times better absorption than when using traditional sprays or injectables for flawless skin. Uni also has a Boost mode, which activates a faster mist if you’re in a hurry.

With so many choices to use with one device, RÉDUIT is offering thousands of free UNI devices to customers who buy the  Smartpods.  To help make the choice on what’s best for individuals, the company has  published a beauty quiz  on its website to recommend the best Smartpods for every individual. All you have to do is fill in the quiz, order the pods recommended to you and a UNI device will wing its way to you.

What’s in the Reduit pods?

Each pod contains five ml of highly concentrated product, but the way it’s driven into the hair and skin makes it the equivalent of a 50ml skincare product and up to a 200ml bottle of traditional hair product - with each pod giving numerous applications. RÉDUIT actually means reduced in French and that’s the motto of the brand – to reduce packaging waste, to reduce the amount of product used and reduce the amount of time you need to spend on your hair or skincare routine.

As part of  RÉDUIT's  commitment to sustainability, the brand offers a simple trade-in program that allows you to recycle any of your used Smartpods in exchange for a free product. Simply fill out the  Return and Renew form  to receive a free Skinpod or Hairpod of your choice.

How to get your Reduit Uni

The Uni (in all four colours) will be offered for free for all customers taking the online beauty quiz and purchasing the recommended pods which are perfect for them.  All of the information can be found here.

Further information on Uni is available at