If you’re looking to part ways with your hairdryer, this launch could make the break-up much less acrimonious. Claiming to cut your air dry time by 46%, I put it to the test to see if it delivered

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In a bid to help boost my hair’s health, I’ve been trying to reduce my dependency on heated styling tools - that’s meant cutting the use of my curling tong and straighteners to just once a week, being more creative with my updos (my colleagues have become all too familiar with seeing my top knot bouncing away above my computer screen while I furiously type away) and finding ways to enhance my natural texture when my hair’s loose (wavy and frizzy).

However, one tool that I’ve found it tricky to sever ties with is my hairdryer. But with summer here and temperatures and sunshine levels rising, I’ve been dabbling with the idea of swapping my blow-dry for an air dry instead. The only downside is whenever I do it, it takes bloomin’ ages - a problem that IGK’s new No More Blow High Speed Air Dry Spray , £25, looks poised to solve.

What does it claim to do?

Its main promise is to cut air dry time by a pretty sizeable (and also very exact) 46 per cent. That’s bold. And it claims to do so courtesy of its ‘Advanced Flash Cooling Technology’ - a blend of ingredients, specifically lightweight starches, that invisibly coat hair to reduce moisture and dry hair faster.

What was it like to use?

After washing and conditioning my hair in the morning (something I often try to avoid doing as it takes such a long time), I towel-dried and divided it into sections and generously applied the spray from root to tip as recommended, massaging it in with my fingers and twisting each section to encourage my natural wave. I was fully expecting for its texture to be sticky and heavy, but was pleasantly surprised. It was extremely lightweight and didn’t feel gloopy on my damp hair.

The process took around 10 minutes in total to complete. I then headed out and braved my commute with a slighter wetter head than usual to give the spray ample opportunity to work its magic.

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The verdict?

Fast-forward an hour and a half and my hair was dry when I arrived at work (compared to the two and half hours it usually takes to achieve the same result). It made a sizeable dent to my drying time and my hair was also a lot more manageable afterwards - it encouraged my natural wave, but helped reduce flyaways too, so there was less of a need to fine-tune it with much else afterwards, just a little dab of finishing cream around my hairline and parting. My hair was also left a lot softer and bouncier compared to when I rough dry it with a hairdryer - and a lot less crispy too.

Definitely one I’ll be using again to reduce my reliance on heat and make more of my natural hair texture. I imagine it’ll also prove particularly useful during my holiday for swift post-pool, hairdryer-free styling to save on both time and suitcase space. For someone who always struggles to stick to luggage limits, this makes for a welcome bonus.

IGK No More Blow High Speed Air Dry Spray, £25.  Buy online here .

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