How does the fashion, fitness and style inspo stay fit, healthy and camera-ready? We caught up with the star of screen and social media to gain an insight into her health and beauty regime

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Fashion designer, makeup artist, businesswoman and fitness and beauty inspo, Millie Mackintosh has built the type of career that most former reality stars could only dream of. Since leaving screens in 2013, the Made in Chelsea alum’s star has been on a trajectory to celestial heights, thanks to the kind of rare appeal that reaches both women and men, a set of wise collaboration choices and a presence on both beauty and fashion’s most influential radars to secure her place on both red carpets and newsstands alike. Millie Mackintosh the brand has fast-become big, big business.

So how does one of Britain’s most stylish stars stay feeling good from the inside out? Having teamed up with ghd  at Coachella to bring us a menu of festival hair inspiration, we went behind-the-scenes to find out what’s in her makeup bag, her must-have summer wellness essentials, how she keeps her skin looking camera-ready and how she keeps her hair in tip top condition when both at home and away. Here’s what we found out...

GTG: What does great skincare mean to you and what products are your festival favourites?

MM: Eye masks are great for tired puffy eyes and I also like to sleep with a hydrating mask on overnight to rescue skin from dehydration. I also have a facial a couple of days beforehand as my skin can get dried out at festivals. I love Nurse Jamie EGF Platinum 3 Restorative Facial Elixir , £132, and Eyeko Hydrogel Eye Patches , £15, especially when I’m on long flights.

GTG: Back home, what hair products do you swear by?

MM: I’m good at doing everyday natural waves with my hair using a tong. I rough dry hair and then straighten it with the ghd Platinum Serene Pearl Styler , £165. Then I tong the ends in thick sections away from my face - just the mid lengths to ends - using the ghd Curve Soft Curl Tong , £120. That’s the only style that I can do on myself, or just straight hair.

GTG: What makes you feel good from the inside out? Are there any supplements that you take?

MM: I always use Vitamin C for my immune system. Magnesium is great for muscle recovery and calming nerves. Acidophilus is really good for digestion and 5-HTP is great for energy, particularly if you’re jet lagged. My travel essential is  The Super Elixir  (Travel Sachets), £28 – these super powder sachets are perfect for travel. I mix one with a drink in the morning for a healthy vitamin boost.

GTG: When it comes to festivals, what are your makeup bag essentials?

MM: Pom poms – these were braided into my hair by Zoe Irwin, ghd ambassador, for day 2 at Coachella. This was my favourite hair look of the weekend and everyone stopped to admire it. At festivals you can have fun and be more experimental.

Urban Decay Heavy Metal Glitter Eye Liner in Glam Rock , £14 - I use this to create glitter tears. It brightens up eyes and hides dark circles - a winning combo! I was inspired to try glitter tears by a catwalk look created by Wendy Rowe. You just sprinkle the glitter into serum and tap on in an imperfect drop shape under the eye. I want to try glitter brows next!

ghd Platinum Serene Pearl Styler , £165 – I use this to refresh my hair; you can choose whether to straighten or curl with the ghd styler when you can get to a plug. I also use the ghd Curl Hold Spray , £12.95 - it stops frizz from coming back and I work it into my hair before it is styled each day to prevent frizz from humidity. You also don’t want your hair to look too freshly clean at a festival - it’s easier with texture from the Curl Hold Spray or after a few days since washing it.

Pawpaw Lip Balm , £6.95, as my lips can get quite dry at festivals so I reapply this throughout the day.

Laura Mercier Foundation Primer, Radiant Bronze , £26.10 - I mix this illuminating primer with tinted moisturiser. It gives nice coverage but doesn’t look like makeup - just looks like healthy skin.

Eyeko Hydrogel Eye Patches , £15 – this eye mask is great for tired puffy eyes.

La Roche-Posay Anthelios XL SPF50+ Fluide Extreme , £16.50 – this SPF provides lightweight sun protection so I have it on me all day to keep my skin protected while out in the sun.

Dr Frances Prenna Jones Refresh 24/7 , £35 – this refreshes my skin whenever I need it, so I keep it on me for instant hydration and moisturisation. Once I have super hydrating skincare products, often I then only need a waterproof mascara for makeup.

The Super Elixir Travel Sachets , £28 – these super powder sachets are perfect for travel. I mix one with a drink in the morning for a healthy vitamin boost.

GTG: ...and festival hair? What are your secrets for making sure it looks just as good on day 4 as it did on day 1?

MM: Festivals are definitely a time to experiment with hair. I’m all about undone hair at festivals. Hair shouldn’t look super glam, it should look worn in as that goes with the whole vibe. I use lots of ghd Root Lift Spray , £12.95, to add texture, and then use ghd Smooth & Finish Serum , £14.95, on the ends so that my hair isn’t too dry.

Braids are great for festivals as you can keep them in for 2-3 days and they can be mixed up by adding pom poms to change the look from one day to another. Also, a flower crown can be good to hide roots after a few days at a festival. And sometimes I rely on a hat for the last day!

GTG: Fashion and style-wise, what were your Coachella must-haves this year?

MM: I’m a heavy packer! Just in case, I always over pack two weeks more outfits than I need - you never know! I packed about 10 bikinis for Coachella – there are lots of pool parties and I was in LA beforehand. And they’re small, so they’re easy to pack. Plus, they double up as easy looks at festivals when it’s hot.

GTG: And finally, what does the future hold for you personally and career-wise?

MM: Lots of work! I’ve just put together my own Birchbox (out in July) and was able to create my own glossy lip crayon for their own makeup brand, Love Of Colour. I’m also going to Ibiza to shoot for my clothing line, and then I’m going to a yoga retreat with a couple of friends. The great thing is, I can work anywhere.

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