Affirmative. The ‘king of colour’ has launched a salon-worthy range of home hair colour and care to be “celebrated, not tolerated”. From dry shampoos that cover up stray greys to pigment locking hair masks, here’s what Josh has been cooking up…

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The likes of  Elle Macpherson  and our very own Susannah Taylor  have been frequenting the Josh Wood Atelier  for years to achieve beautifully modern, cutting edge colour, and now the man who “hears in colour, thinks in colour” is bringing his innovation and expertise to your own bathroom with the launch of the Josh Wood Colour System. Here’s what you can expect from the world’s leading colour genie…

The concept

A forward-thinking at-home hair colour and care line like no other. Firstly, this is apparently the first range of its kind to be conceived and developed by an expert colourist, and from the off, Josh hasn’t done colour by the book- he’s responsible for making grey not only “acceptable”, but aspirational , thanks to creating glossy grey colour for catwalk shows and colouring some of the most stylish grey haired women on the planet. Not into grey? That’s cool too:

“Look I love grey, I’m the first person to encourage someone to go grey if the maintenance is too much for them but it’s a choice, if you never want to see another grey hair on your head, I can help.”

Whatever your approach to colour, Josh’s system is simple to use, aims to recreate as close to a luxe salon experience as possible and looks pretty damn chic in your shower. Also, it’s affordable- price points range from £5-£15.

The consultation

Josh isn’t leaving you in the dark here. Visit  for honest advice, inspo, and the essentials of “navigating the system” for your hair colour and type. From how-to videos to digital consultation chatbots, it’s all here.

The colour

It’s  PPD  and ammonia-free, vegetarian and offers 100 per cent grey coverage. Permanent Box Colour , £10, allows you to match colour by swatch or an easy code system and is available in 12 shades, ranging from light blonde to dark brown, with half shades helping you to identify a more harmonious colour match. You won’t find any balayage  or highlighting kits  here- Josh believes that these techniques are best left to the pros. His permanent colour is instead intended to equip you with a kind-to-hair product that creates a rich, glossy finish, without an obvious grey or root in sight if that’s not your vibe. There are currently no hues on to choose for redheads, but the Everything Mask , £15, has been formulated to safeguard the pigment of all hair colours while adding softness, lustre and generally giving hair condition a leg up.

The care

There’s nothing worse than watching your prized, precious, paid through the roof for colour wash down the sink. Josh’s insurance policy is a range of shampoo and conditioners designed to cater to the shade and texture of your hair, whether it’s blonde and fine or brunette and prone to frizz (or vice versa). Each comes in at £10, with UV filters to protect hair colour and condition in the face of environmental damage and quinoa and green walnut extracts for protein and strength. For added colour oomph, Shade Shot , £5, is designed to be added into your Everything Mask to warm up or cool down your hair colour and prevent premature fading.

The quick fixes

It turns out that Josh is the Willy Wonka of grey concealing, root blending and grease mopping. There are no less than three on-the-spot troubleshooters (a Blending Brush , £15, Smudger , £12, and Marker , £8), plus a Tinted Dry Shampoo , £10, to take on tired roots in every sense. All are available in a range of tones to best cater for your colour and desired effect, and can be stashed in a gym kit, handbag or desk drawer for immediate ‘zshooshing and foolproof touch-ups. Let’s face it, not all of us can afford regular colour appointments from a time or money point of view, and if you’re going to colour in your roots, crayola style, it’s comforting to do it with an expert to-hand. Literally in this case.

The Josh Wood Colour System is available at  and at  Boots stores , as well as the  Josh Wood Atelier  in London if you’re lucky enough to nab an appointment.

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