The wait is over! JVN Hair has landed on Space NK! Here's what you need to know about the collection

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Star of Netflix makeover show Queer Eye, Jonathan Van Ness, 34, is no stranger to the beauty world. As well as working as the show’s resident grooming guru, where he helps participants feel their confident best with grooming advice, he’s also an ambassador for skincare brand Biossance and was previously an ambassador for nail care brand Essie. With such rich beauty background and such a glorious head of much-coveted hair, it’s no surprise he’s launched his own haircare brand, JVN Hair, priced from £16-£24 has just launched exclusively on Space NK .

JVN Hair, which comprises ten products including shampoo, conditioner, a mask, serum, scalp oil and an air-dry cream as well as a Complete Hydration Kit , £16. It launched in the US at the end of August, so it's been a long seven months waiting for it to land on UK shores.

Jonathan puts his weight behind clean beauty and the brand reflects this, being free from silicones and sulfates, living in infinitely recyclable packaging and championing sustainable ingredients, plus the shipping is carbon-free.

Here’s everything we know about the JVN collection.

The hero ingredient is hemisqualane

JVN champions smoothing, softening ingredient squalane. Not only is it the ingredient that Jonathan's other beauty baby Biossance is famed for, its lighter version, called hemisqualane, has a leading role in JVN haircare, lending shine and smoothness to hair.

Think of hemisqualane as a clean beauty alternative to man-made silicone. While silicone just coats the hair, hemisqualane works to build a barrier over damaged strands (in the same way squalane supports the skin barrier). Over time it penetrates the hair to repair, protect and smooth all types and textures. We’ll all have that JVN swish in no time.

Like squalane, hemisqualane is made from sugarcane.

There are four ranges in the unisex collection

The ranges include Nurture - a hydrating shampoo , £16, a hydrating conditioner , £16 and Deep Moisture Mask , £21.

The Undamage range is for strengthening, featuring a shampoo  and conditioner , both at £16 each.

Embody is a daily volumising shampoo  and conditioner  to boost the hair's body and enhance the hair's thickness.

Finally, the Complete range is for treatment and styling to use pre and post shampoo and conditioner. This includes the Complete Pre-wash Scalp Oil , £24, the Complete Air Dry Cream , £21 and the Complete Instant Recovery Serum , £24. All staples in JVN's hair routine!

Of the launch, JVN wrote on Instagram: "With our hero ingredient hemisqualane along with meadowfoam esters and hibiscus extract, this shine is so beautiful people will be asking about your hair A LOT. Not only do these ingredients give your hair so much protection they give you ZERO build up because like all of our products this is silicone-free. It weightlessly absorbs into all hair types infusing shine and universal strength to all that use it."

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Jonathan designed JVN Hair to be inclusive to all hair types. None of the collections are labelled for different hair types, they're all suitable for everyone.

It’s silicone-free, vegan and cruelty-free

As well as each product being packed with hemisqualane, the range is infused with hydrating ingredients such as camellia seed oil and all have what the brand calls a 'non-gendered' lemon, blackcurrant, white orchid and vanilla fragrance.

The sugarcane used to create hemisqualane is also used in the JVN packaging, which makes it compostable. The brand also uses aluminium and glass for its products rather than plastic, because these two are infinitely recyclable. Jonathan told Harpers Bazaar the brand plans to be 100 per cent plastic-free by 2025.

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Consumers and celebs LOVE it

The Air Dream Cream and Moisture Mask sold out in just over two weeks in the US attracting comments from both A-listers and ordinary fans. Reese Witherspoon, who works with Jonathan on Biossance as global brand ambassador, shared the range on her Instagram Stories, writing "these products are so luxurious". On JVN’s own page customers enthused, "I tried your shampoo and conditioner yesterday and OMG my hair is so healthy and shiny after one use. So excited" and "Jonathan I started using your hair serum just yesterday and I’m in love."