If you’re looking to cover scattered greys, L’Oreal’s new £8.99 Magic Retouch Precision could be your perfect match

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Selling at a rate of three every minute, L’Oreal Paris’ Magic Retouch is the current ruler of root cover-ups. I’m a big fan of it. I’ve been going grey since my late twenties and, while I’ve grown quite fond of my ‘badger stripes’ as I like to call them, it’s nice to have a little uniformity every now and then, say if I’m putting my hair up or if I want to change my parting.

The spray applicator of the original makes it ideal for those wanting to disguise larger areas of grey in-between colour appointments , but what about those little harder to catch white hairs that crop up around the temples? Cue the brand’s new Magic Retouch Precision wand  to sort that out.

What it’s like to use

A bit like a hair mascara, its brush features mini bristles and a soft flat surface designed to pinpoint even the hardest-to-reach of grey strands. It combs through hair smoothly, evenly distributing product without clumps or snags, while its mineral pigment-rich formula offers up some pretty impressive coverage too.

Afterwards, it’s recommended that you comb the product through and either blow dry it or let it air dry for five minutes. Give it a final comb through one last time and then you’re ready to go.

How it feels

When wet, it isn’t gloopy or thick so it doesn’t feel like you’re brushing tar through your hair. When dry, it does harden slightly, but not so much that it feels like you’ve fallen into a concrete mixer.

What the shade range is like

There are five shades in total - blonde, dark blonde, brown, dark brown and black. It’s pretty far-reaching however, I would have loved to have seen a redhead option for full inclusivity.

The verdict

I was really impressed by the grey-busting abilities of this new addition to the Magic Retouch family. So much so that it's replaced the original can in my handbag (it’s made some much-needed room). One drawback though is how long it takes to dry when compared to say, a touch-up stick . However, the coverage that it provides more than makes up for this (which actually looked better in real life btw - shine could well be mixed up for grey in the picture I took thanks to my amateur photography skills...).

I was also pleasantly surprised by how long it lasted too - depending on how greasy your roots are, it should last you around a day and a half.

If you’re looking to cover large areas of grey, stick with the spray, but if you’re looking to target the odd hair around partings and temples, you’ll love using this instead.

L’Oreal Paris Magic Retouch Precision, £8.99. Buy it online here.

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