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Clean-cut hair

"I’m a firm believer in working with clean hair. By the time that you’ve applied dry shampoo and backcombed, you could have washed your hair. Freshly washed hair has bounce, smells great and you’ll always get a better styling result. Just blast upside down and go," says  Ben Cooke , hair stylist and brand ambassador for Herbal Essences .

Raising eyebrows

"Step away from the tweezers and leave your brows be. Have them shaped professionally, don’t follow trends and let your natural brow shape be your guide," says make-up artist and brow expert, Jenna Treat .

Yog-hurts (sometimes)

"Yoghurt has been widely promoted as a health food but it isn’t always. Full of milk sugars, dead bacteria and (if you are eating fruit flavoured ones), often artificial sugars, if you want the beneficial bacteria – take a capsule," says nutritional therapist,  Amelia Freer.

Hair necessities

“Use a good nourishing shampoo at least once a week as well as a treatment with a hair mask. This will cleanse the hair, opening the cuticles and the mask will re-introduce nutrients into the shaft. You have to look after your hair as you would your skin. Take some time and care over it - you won't regret it,” says expert hairdresser and co-founder of Gielly Green, Shai Greenberg .

Breathe easy

"Incorporate massage and deep breathing into your routine daily, it will create stillness and calm which will reflect in your skin. Smooth your oil onto your clean face and neck, pause for a moment, cup your hands and cover your nose and mouth and breathe deeply for a count of three, then slowly breathe out for a count of five, releasing all tension. Massage gently with small circular upwards movement from the centre outwards until absorbed," says acupuncturist and expert oil blender, Annee de Mamiel .

The purr-fect flick

“To create the ultimate feline eyeliner flick, start with looking at yourself head on in the mirror and dot to where you want the flick to finish - always make sure that the dots are slightly higher than your lash line. Using a hard angled eye brush, join the line dot to dot,” says make-up artist Miranda Rigg .

Ladies who lunch

“Taking a lunch break is a favourite tip. So few people do it and it has so many benefits!! Learn how to enjoy your food again. Introduce a necessary luxury into your day by becoming a lady who lunches. Even if only for a few minutes, unchain yourself from your desk and enjoy lunch in a different environment. You will feel more satisfied and less bloated. Try taking a deep breath between mouthfuls or putting down your knife and fork. These habits slow down your pace of eating, giving the hunger feedback mechanisms between our stomach and brain more time to work and register when we are full,” says Belinda Mann, nutritionist .

Good hair day

“It all starts in the preparation, so it is so important to ensure you are using good quality shampoos and conditioners that are tailored to your hair type. I recommend changing your products 2 or 3 times a year to give your hair a month break – as your hair will start to become immune to the qualities, so changing it every now and then for a month will reboot life,” says Lucinda Ellery, hair extension and hair loss expert .

Learn how to eat

"Most people learn how to diet, not how to eat. Arm yourself with grounded and practical nutrition advice and you will be immune to fad diets and marketing claims," says Ian Marber , nutritional therapist and health writer.

Seasonal beauty swaps

“Your cleanser and toner can remain a constant in your skincare regime over the years. However, as the seasons and your lifestyle changes, so should your choice of serum, exfoliator and day and night creams. Ensure that your serum is focused towards a certain skincare concern. As serums are so highly concentrated, they should be your go-to product to tackle a specific problem. Use an exfoliator that fits in with your lifestyle and go by your texture preference. Make sure that you use day and night cream that suits your particular skin type. An SPF doesn’t necessarily have to be worn all year round; a lot of the make-up out there already has an SPF in it. Reassess your skin needs and change your products to suit,” advises Marie McKeever , Head of Treatment Development for Clarins UK .

Make a fitness appointment

"Keep your exercise routine as consistent as possible and make your workout a priority. Consistency breeds success so put it in your diary and make sure you keep your appointment with yourself. If you fall off the wagon it becomes very difficult to get back to your fitness routine, so make time to exercise whenever you can," says David Higgins , personal trainer and rehabilitation expert.

Read my lips

"Avoid using lip gloss or balm containing petroleum at all costs. Go for less toxic, safer glosses formulated with nourishing organic oils. Your lips will be softer and you can lick them off to your heart’s content without ingesting any nasties," says  Rose-Marie Swift , make up artist and founder of RMS Beauty .

Just keep swimming

"Both saltwater and chlorine can damage your hair, and you should try to protect your hair from both. Chlorine is more likely to weaken the hair’s structure, but salt water is very drying. There are a number of water resistant products that contain sunscreens, which are ideal for application to the hair when swimming and in the sun. My Swimcap  Cream, £20, for example is perfect for holiday hair protection. I also advise to re-apply the formula each time after swimming to keep your hair’s moisture levels maintained and improve the condition." Philip Kingsley, Trichologist .

Food for thought

“Focus on adding in the good stuff before taking out the bad - if you are craving chips, have broccoli first, there is only so much anyone can eat!” says Karen Cummings-Palmer, Health and Nutrition Consultant.

Turn back the years

“Not enough people use a topical retinoid to address their anti-ageing concerns. It’s been proven in clinical trials to provide results and actually works,” says Mr Richard Barlow, Dermatologist.