We asked the experts to highlight the 5 worst hair mistakes we didn’t even know we were making

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Could your hair care habits be doing more harm than good?

From using the wrong products to using too much or too little of them, hair dye don’ts to hairstyle switch-ups, we asked a duo of experts to shed light on the most common mistakes we’re making that are responsible for making us fall short of reaching our healthy hair goals. Are you guilty of doing one or more of them? We know we are...

Mistake 1: using too much conditioner

“Conditioner is a high intensity product that should be used sparingly - just on the mid-lengths and ends,” says celebrity hair stylist and Get The Gloss Expert Jamie Stevens . “If too much is applied or is not washed off properly, it will coat the hair and leave a residue.

“It is not an urban myth that when it comes to conditioner, you only need the size of a 2 pence coin - anymore is a waste of product and a waste of your money. This is why professional products really do work best and last longer. They are concentrated versions of the high street ranges, so a little goes a long way.”

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Mistake 2: wearing tight hairstyles

“Tight or slicked-back hairstyles such as ponytails and braids may be trendy, but pulling on the hair in this way causes hair tension which can lead to traction alopecia,” explains Glenn Lyons , Clinical Director at The Philip Kingsley London Trichological Clinic . “If you do want to tie your hair back, just make sure you push the hair forward slightly to release the tension.”

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Mistake 3: brushing your hair when wet

“Brushing your hair when wet is a very common mistake that people make when they’re washing their hair at home,” says Jamie. “When the hair is wet, it’s more susceptible to damage and breakage. Use a wide-toothed comb to work through the hair and remove any tangles before blow-drying. I’d recommend rough-drying the hair using your fingers until the hair is around 80% dry and then brush through the hair gently to remove any knots or tangles before continuing to style dry.”

Mistake 4: using hairspray before using heated styling tools

“Using hairspray on your hair before using straighteners or curlers is a big style mistake so many people make,” says Jamie. “More often than not when you do this, you’ll hear a sizzling noise which is actually the sound of the moisture in your hair evaporating, causing the hair to heat and dry out.

“When products that contain alcohol such as hairsprays come into contact with heat they burn, which results in frazzled, heat-damaged hair. Instead, I’d recommend using a heat protection spray while styling and then only using a hairspray once you’ve finished styling to hold your style.”

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Mistake 5: dyeing all of your hair to cover up only a few greys

Need to cover a few greys? A hair colourist who really knows their stuff will opt for selective colouring of the affected areas over an all-over dye job. Only touch-up where needed to avoid over-processing (and therefore damaging) your hair, and if your hairdresser tries to convince you otherwise without sound reason, get your greys out of there.

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