Forget the frizz and embrace the bounce on May 14th in support of National Hair Loss Awareness Month

It’s one of your most highly-prized assets, so imagine the devastation of waking up one morning to discover you’re suffering from hair shedding, thinning or loss. Unfortunately, this is the sad reality for a shocking 76 per cent of British women, who, statistics say, will experience one or more of these conditions at some point during their lifetime.

To make sure we’re all in the know, as part of National Hair Loss Awareness Month, Viviscal have dubbed May 14th National Good Hair Day. Although it can’t promise you’ll roll out of bed with a 'do that’s red-carpet ready (sorry girls), the day is designed to be an occasion where every woman who has previously suffered from hair loss can celebrate the feeling of finally having healthier hair.

Conditions such as  hair thinning and loss  can be caused by a variety of things, with stress, ageing, dieting and over-styling the most common culprits. A spate of recent research has shown that a whopping 85 per cent of women feel happier and more attractive when they are having a good hair day, and that 60 per cent find bad hair days leave them feeling sad, self-conscious and worried.

Hair Loss Awareness Month is now in its seventh year, with the aim being to remove the stigma surrounding female hair loss and provide support for women suffering from the condition. The Viviscal National Good Hair Day takes place on Wednesday 14th May, and will be headed up by a panel of experts offering advice on hair loss, thinning and styling damage. The panel will include celebrity hair stylist Richard Ward, top trichologist Trisha Buller, dermatologist Justine Hextall and media psychologist Mark Cropley.

For tips and advice from the Have a Good Hair Day panel visit the  Viviscal  website, or join the discussion on #GoodHairDay or #NHLAM  @ViviscalUK