There is one man on a life mission to tame our frizzy hair. Susannah Taylor meets Zoltan, AKA Mr Smooth

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Our consistently horrendous British weather may explain the success of GHD straighteners over the last 15 years as well as the flurry of anti-frizz products that constantly flood our pharmacy shelves. However if you are really serious about frizz fighting, or have hair that looks like it’s been electrocuted at the slightest hint of rain (like mine) then there is only one man to visit, and his name is Zoltan.

Zoltan  is an absolute specialist in keratin treatments - an in-salon process that smoothes out the frizz and fuzziness of hair, whilst making it more manageable and cutting back on blow drying. Zoltan (not a made-up name honest, he is Hungarian) has long been the go-to frizz expert for all the top beauty editors and is now based at the Josh Wood Atelier in Notting Hill.

Keratin treatments are by no means new (most salons have a version these days) but what is so different about Zoltan’s treatments is that they are bespoke. Like James Read  is to tanning, Zoltan is to hair smoothing - he searches the world for the latest in keratin processes and will create a treatment specifically tailored to your hair type, because just like highlights, what suits one person, may not suit another.

For me, the keratin blow dry has literally changed my life. I have ultra frizzy locks naturally and it takes away all fluffiness without making it poker straight. It has also reduced my blow-drying time from 35 mins to 15. Next time I go back, Zoltan has suggested we put a stronger potion on the back of my head which is the area I find most difficult to keep smooth, and a lighter application on the front to tame my frizz-ball hairline.

Depending on the length of your hair, the treatment takes up to two hours where the product is applied and ironed into your hair meticulously.  Zoltan then puts you under a bizarre tea-cosy type hood that he calls the Ozone -  this pumps steam into the hair helping the keratin penetrate deeper. Unlike other keratin treatments, which you have to keep on for 3 days, you can wash this one out the same night, and contrary to popular belief, hair is not damaged; in fact it is left softer, smoother and a million times more manageable. For a busy working mother like myself, it is literally a Godsend.

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