Radio 1 DJ and former 'Saturday' Mollie King reveals the exercise that helps her anxiety and her favorite beauty buys

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I’ll let you in on a secret; Mollie was always my favourite Saturday. Yes, Frankie Bridge had a fab pixie cut, and Rochelle Humes had seriously covetable style, but there was always something inherently relatable about Mollie and never has this been truer than during lockdown.

A scroll through  her Instagram feed  shows during the last few months she’s been just like us; blitzing through  online workouts , messing about on  TikTok  and taking more dog selfies than entirely necessary. But while we’ve been tip-tapping away on our laptop working from home, Mollie has still been presenting her mid-morning Radio 1 show, which she hosts with Matt Edmundson, albeit from home rather than from the Radio 1 studios in central London.

Just like everyone else, she's been making it work as best she can. “I just have my microphone at home and sit wherever it’s quietest, be it the kitchen or the study,” she explains. “It’s very much DIY and it seems to be working, we even Zoom at the same time so it’s like we’re together, but the only issue is the slight delay. I always feel like my joke has gone down like a lead balloon but a few seconds later you might get a little chuckle and realise you are still funny after all.”

Mollie is waiting for the go-ahead to get back into the studio: “It’s tricky because I’ve got two sides; half of me wants to get back to work but the other half is anxious and doesn’t want to rush and just want to do what is best. I’m quite conflicted about what I want to do.”

Anxiety is something Mollie struggled with during the pandemic, especially at the start. “For the first few weeks I found everything really stressful,” she shares. “I was getting so anxious about not seeing my family and worrying about their safety, but I managed to keep a positive outlook about things thanks to yoga.”

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Mollie’s at-home saviours

Yoga with Peloton

“I’d never done yoga before lockdown, I’d always been scared because I did Pilates once on holiday and I was so bad that it was embarrassing so I always thought I’d best not try yoga. Plus I’m the least flexible person ever. But doing in the comfort of my own home and not feeling like I was looking like a complete idiot was really nice and definitely a good way to start my yoga journey.

"I’ve also got a Peleton subscription [the at-home spin bike and workout streaming service] and I love the instructors for their positivity. Classes include vinyasa and restorative yoga with six different instructors to choose from for variety.

“I’ve found it so good for concentrating on my breathing, which had gone out of the window when I was stressed. It really settled me and even though I’m getting busier again I want to keep it as part of my routine.”

Working out helped with my headspace

“I’ve always loved working out and the only thing that ever stopped me was not having the time. I did online workouts with my trainer  Tyrone Brennand  and found it really beneficial for my headspace. Working out has helped me, it’s not a chore.”

At-home beauty treatments helped me feel human

“I attempted to wax myself in the first few weeks but it was a nightmare; I got wax everywhere and it’s just not an experience you can recreate at home. I started using the Braun Silk-Epil 9 Flex and it was a godsend. I can do it in a spare ten minutes and the hair grows back so much slower than it does with shaving. I don't find it at all painful because I was a longtime waxer anyway.”

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Mollie King’s repeat beauty buys

Kerastase Blonde Absolu

, from £23.90

Mollie’s renowned for her always-perfect blonde hair and a root touch up was her first beauty treatment when hair salons reopened. While at home, she used Kerastase blonde haircare range, Blonde Absolu. “It takes out my brassy tones and keeps my hair the exact blonde I get in the salon.”

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Estée Lauder DayWear Multi-Protection Anti-Oxidant Creme SPF 15

, £28

Mollie credits her glowing skin to this cucumber scented gel creme which hydrates the skin and keeps fine lines and wrinkles at bay. "I love this, it's really lightweight and I've always been a big fan."

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Rimmel Exaggerate Eye Liner, £5.99

“Frankie [Bridge] and I have always sworn by this; it’s the perfect black and it’s easy to apply. It’s just the best when you find a budget buy that you love.”

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 Maybelline Brow Drama Sculpting Brow Mascara, £6.99

“Maybelline never lets me down and this is great for sculpting my brows when I can't get them professionally done.”

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Charlotte Tilbury Supermodel Body Slimmer Shimmer, £45

“This is so dreamy. It gives you shine like you’re in the glistening sun. As a girl band, we were all about body shimmers.”

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Jessica Phenomen Oil Intensive Moisturiser, £14.10

"I love nail and cuticle oil , it's been a big thing for me in lockdown. I've given my nails a rest from polish and gels and this oil has been so helpful in nourishing my cuticles and nails back to health."

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Mollie King is an ambassador for the  Braun Silk-epil 9 Flex.  Buy on Amazon  £241.77