Both Rihanna and Sandra Bullock have been seen sporting a mullet of late. Is the rat's tail hairstyle set to return? Kiran Branch assesses the evidence.

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Here at GTG HQ we've almost become immune to Rihanna's semi-nude, semi-obscene Instagram selfies. Seeing her near naked on what seems like a daily basis rarely even raises an eyebrow amongst the glossies but what did cause multiple jaw-to-floor reactions was the moment that we discovered that Ri-Ri had gone a wee bit bonkers and gotten herself a mullet.

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Known for changing her hairstyle more often than Miley Cyrus mentally scars the world with her twerking, Rihanna has actually been sporting the mullet (complete with mohawk tail) for several weeks now and quite frankly we're finding it a bit trailer trash. We had hoped that she would come to her senses but that hasn't happened. What’s more, we've since seen the beautiful and incredibly glamorous Sandra Bullock gracing the cover of the October issue of US Vogue with a better but similarly baffling redneck 'do (was Anna Wintour on holiday the day it was shot?) We know they’ve been popular in East London for years, and we can accept the mullet-mohawk being the result of a moment of madness or experimentation that's gone hideously wrong but as a new fashion and beauty trend? Stop. Like many looks that originated in the 80’s including gel-spiked hair, crimping, towelling socks and visible lip liner, it’s a beauty look we’d hoped would never rear its ugly rat’s tail ever again.