Britain’s favourite dancer might love pedicures and Chanel perfume, but Rosie Green discovers her beauty cabinet is stacked with hard working, budget buys

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Rosie Green met with prima ballerina, mother and Strictly judge Darcey Bussell to find out what secrets lay within her beauty stash and the beauty tips she has passed on to her children...

What are your skincare 'musts'?

I’m addicted to cleansers. I love that clean feeling. When I was dancing I had to use lots of cold cream to get all the heavy stage make-up off, but now my favourite is The Sanctuary’s Ultimate Cleansing Facial Oil , £12.99.  I really like The Sanctuary’s Radiance Exfoliator,  £10.20, too.  And turning forty combined with all the travelling I do means my skin gets really dehydrated so I use The Sanctuary’s Therapists Secret Facial Oil , £17.35, every morning and evening.  It really works!  My skin feels so much more hydrated and elastic.

Any essential beauty treatments?

As a dancer you are never keen to get your feet out, but in Australia absolutely everyone is wearing sandals so you have to get pedicures. Now I have the time, I really enjoy them. It’s a real treat for me because when I was dancing I would never have put creams on my feet - our toes needed to be tough! My feet actually aren’t too bad as they were built to wear pointe shoes - my first three toes are exactly the same length.

And your hair lowdown?

I am spoilt when it comes to hair.  I go to  Matthew Soobroy at Charles Worthington. I am happy to experiment with my style and I just recently cut it all off. I felt bored and I needed a lift, a change. I did once cut it off when I was dancing and the man in the wigs department swore at me! I have also finally found a colour I like – I don’t mind telling you I am totally grey underneath!

I’ve always blow-dried my hair, but now my shorter cut means I need more equipment. I use the BaByliss hairdryer that’s like a brush ( Big Hair , £44.95) and I have Carmen rollers too (try BaByliss Pro Heated Ceramic Roller Set , £32.99). I also sometimes use a fat tong to take the frizz out and give it a curl. In terms of products I use Charles Worthington Secrets Collection Diamond Shine Gloss Treatment , £12.99, and Pantene shampoos work best for me. Oh and I like this Charles Worthington Overnight Ultimate Hair Healer , £14.99, it calms your hair down but doesn’t make it greasy.

Smile essentials?

I love Crest White Strips . Gina, my make-up artist from Strictly, gets them for me from the USA as they aren’t available here.  My dad’s a dentist and he says they are great.  I want to make my husband use them!

And what’s in your make-up bag?

I did my own stage make-up, but it’s very different to what I wear in real life.  At ballet school it’s all about learning how to make your eyes and mouth larger and shrinking other parts of your face down with shadowing.  Now I always prime my face with Power Peptide Serum  from The Sanctuary, £25 - it really lifts and tones your face and makes a great platform for your make-up.  Then my two absolute favourite make-up essentials are Lola Brow Pencil , £10, and Bourjois Little Round Pot Blusher , £7.99, which lasts forever – it’s indestructible.  I have Suqqu Eyelash Curlers , £18, and a Lola Eye Pencil , £10, too.   I like Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturisier , £33.50, as it’s really light and Maybelline Dream Satin Liquid Foundation , £7.99, because it doesn’t feel like you have anything on. And I always coat my lashes with L’Oreal Volume Million Lashes Excess Mascara , £10.99.

Do you have a signature perfume?

I really like Chanel’s Allure , from £47.50, for that lovely jasmine smell, but am always experimenting with new perfumes. I recently found Armani Code Summer, from £30, which is deliciously fresh too.

How about body products?

I am obsessed with body cream.  I love The Sanctuary’s Firm & Boost Body Butter , £12.00.  It smells slightly citrus and makes me feel alive and fresh and like it’s doing some work. I am religious about using it everyday. If I’m in a hotel room though I’ll experiment with their stuff!

What beauty advice would you pass down to your daughter?

My daughter is starting to get teenage skin, so I’m always telling her to keep her skin clean and not to touch it too much. I’m obsessed with cleansers so I’ve started her on a gentle one from Boots that’s specially formulated for children.  It’s got witch-hazel in it.

I am also religious about sunscreen. I smother my children in it.  When we are in Australia I am incredibly conscious how strong the sun is.

How has being a mother changed your beauty routine?

It’s mayhem in the morning in our house. I always feel I’ve achieved something if I’ve got a shower in before the school run!

In Australia, the whole family shared a bathroom but here in the UK I have my own and I love that. It’s my escape. The kids can deal with most things on their own now, but if they disturb me I shout down “Is this an emergency?!”

When I am away for work I really enjoy the opportunity to have time to myself in a hotel bathroom.  I’ll use all the samples and really slather on the body moisturizer.

What advice have you learnt from your mother?

My mother always told me never to go to bed with your make-up on and to keep your skin clean.  Now I’m always telling my daughter the same thing.

Darcey is an ambassador for The Sanctuary.

Photographs by Kirstin Sinclair

Interview by Rosie Green

Hair and make-up by Gina Anderson