67% of women admitted that when there hair was looking and feeling good it gave them a much-needed confidence boost while at work

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Whether its a stubborn kink or a halo of frizz, a bad hair day is a notion we’re all familiar with. However, hair brand Nioxin  has confirmed that a bad hair day could be more damaging than you thought as their most recent poll demonstrates that the state of our locks is directly linked to our confidence.

The report found that 84% of women and over half of men have confessed that the appearance of their hair impacts how they feel about themselves. More specific still, 76% said that good hair makes them feel more attractive which helps them perform better in the office and boosts their confidence when at social gatherings.

Furthermore with 70% also agreeing that having tamed tresses helps them take on workplace challenges, could good hair be the key to conquering a nerve-wracking meeting or asking for that pay rise?

To the hairdressers we go...

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