From makeup tutorials to hair how-tos, these British-born beauty bloggers, vloggers and digital powerhouses are changing up the beauty game

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Looking for makeup  or hair inspiration? Whether you prefer reading product reviews or watching makeup tutorials, gravitate more to websites, blogs or YouTube channels, there’s a multitude of different platforms out there all fully equipped to help you get your beauty fix.

With beauty for darker skin tones finally getting the recognition it deserves and the spotlight on a more ‘skinclusive’ level of coverage in the industry shining brighter than it has before, there’s a growing group of British-borne bloggers, vloggers and writers all at hand with expert product recommendations and how-tos to help make the most of beauty brands’ more inclusive offerings.

Here are some of my faves that you’ll be able to find bookmarked on my desktop, laptop and smartphone to ensure I’m never short on beauty inspo whether at home or on-the-go.

Kaushal Beauty

With over a million YouTube subscribers, Kaushal’s YouTube videos  are some of the best on the internet for Asian, olive and darker skin tones and make for a fantastic place to gain further insight into the intricacies of makeup application. From contouring  to highlighting, Indian wedding makeup to skincare hacks, all bases are covered and her friendly, relatable yet authoritative tone of voice makes for the perfect digital helping hand for stepping out of your comfort zone and helping unleash your creative streak. . Follow Kaushal  @kaushalbeauty .

Thandie Kay

Founded by top makeup artist Kay Montano and A-list Hollywood actress Thandie Newton, this comprehensive website for women of colour contains everything from makeup tutorials to more personal features recounting their experiences in the beauty industry - good and bad - to enthuse and empower anyone who’s struggled to find their colour match in the beauty halls. With inspirational interviews and expert tips from the industry’s finest, who better to carefully curate a hub of hair and beauty advice than these two industry leaders? . Follow ThandieKay  @thandieandkay .

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Jewel Tones Beauty

A renowned beauty journalist with over 14 years of experience in the industry, Ateh Jewel’s website draws on her wealth of experience (both professional and personal) to provide an all-encompassing source of beauty inspiration for deeper skin tones and textured hair. Covering the very best and most exciting launches in makeup, hair and skincare, her in-depth features and varied roster of videos shed light expertly on the darker end of the colour spectrum to appeal to any age range and skin concern. Check out my interview with Ateh on her top beauty products here. . Follow Ateh  @atehjewel .

Wande’s World

From eyebrow tutorials to her honest foundation reviews, stylish blogger and vlogger Wande’s informative articles and stunning imagery work as a great source of inspiration for anyone looking to find out how to address beauty concerns specific to brown and black complexions and Afro hair types. The topics she most likes covering? “My favourite things to write about are foundation, highlighter, and concealer,” Wande tells me. Since starting her blog in 2009, the breadth of topics she covers goes beyond beauty to also focus on fashion and food too. “I’m a big foodie, and adore trying new recipes and trying new restaurants,” she says. “Recently I took my health more seriously and decided to drop a few pounds. I love to travel and discover new countries and experience new cultures.” . Follow Wande  @wandesworld .

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British YouTuber, blogger and professional makeup artist Anchal’s YouTube channel is a must-watch for anyone looking to find the best that both budget and blowout beauty brands have to offer. From recreating your favourite celebrity looks to makeup to suit the seasons, her in-depth product run-downs and reviews make navigating your way round the beauty aisles a much less overwhelming experience.

Check out  Anchal’s YouTube channel here  and follow Anchal  @anchalmua .

Patricia Bright

From fashion favourites to hair inspiration to aspirational yet achievable makeup looks, Patricia’s YouTube channel provides both life and beauty advice in equal measure. Confident, knowledgeable and unafraid to speak her mind when it comes to separating the products that do work from the ones that don’t, her honest and practical tutorials ensure those who watch spend their money wisely and inspires confidence in all of her viewers and readers. . Follow Patricia  @thepatriciabright .

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Brown Beauty Talk

Image: @ ondolady

This go-to website edited by Ronke Adeyemi containing news, reviews and interviews acts as a one-stop-shop for brown beauty inspo and all of its various undertones. Celebrating the movers and shakers within the industry and strides taken for creating a more diverse image of beauty in our magazines and on our beauty counters, the team’s Instagram account is especially worthy of note with its roster of beautiful imagery and positive outlook regarding the wider level of coverage on the increasingly inclusive face of beauty. . Follow Brown Beauty Talk  @brownbeautytalk .

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