Could we have been washing our hair incorrectly all this time? According to the new L’Oréal Paris Elvive Extraordinary Clay range, we might well have been…

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Unlike combination skin, historically combination hair hasn’t had the same level of choice when it comes to beauty products and so L’Oréal Paris Elvive has sought to rectify the problem by the introduction of its new Extraordinary Clay range; a line created to address two types of hair in one collection to provide an escape route for those stuck in a vicious cycle of cleansing greasy roots and quenching parched ends.

Its secret? Clay. Well, three types of clay to be exact: white clay (to purify oiliness at the roots), blue clay (to hydrate dry ends) and green clay (to re-balance). Known for its purifying properties, each product in the range has been cleverly formulated to treat and address a mixture of different moisture levels.

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The most unique product in the line is the  Pre-Shampoo Clay Masque , £5.99 – a pre-wash treatment designed to be applied to dry roots for about 5 minutes or so to absorb excess oils. It makes for a particularly effective pick for those frustrated by flat hair caused by greasy roots.

When followed up by the  Re-Balancing Shampoo , £2.89, and  Conditioner , £3.99, we found that after continual use, not only was moisture more evenly distributed throughout the hair length but also that the time in between washes was slightly increased too. If your ends are particularly dry though or if you’ve got long hair, we’d also recommend teaming with a once a week hair mask to provide an extra dose of intensive hydration.

An innovation that won’t break the bank, this launch acts as a great solution for those whose hair doesn’t fall into the categories of dry nor oily, but instead needs a more multi-faceted way to re-balance overall moisture levels from root through to tip.

L’Oréal Paris Elvive Extraordinary Clay Haircare Bundle, £10.  Buy online .

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