A survey of young US women has revealed that most use three products or less before leaving the house - and we're impressed, writes Judy Johnson

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A new study has revealed that the majority of young women are surprisingly low maintenance when it comes to their morning beauty regime.

The survey, carried out by social site StumbleUpon, found that 67 per cent of US women aged 18 to 25 use just three products or less to get ready for their day. Meanwhile, only 3 per cent admitted to using 12 or more beauty products on their face and hair before leaving the house; women after our Glossy hearts.

The results are quite encouraging, too; of the women who were quizzed on their daily routines, 24 per cent of 21 year olds claimed to use eight to 12 beauty products first thing. Yet only five per cent of 24 year olds reach for as many, suggesting we become more low maintenance and confident in our own skin as we age.

If anything, we're impressed. Here at GTG we're really rather attached to our beloved beauty products and use far more than three items of make-up to get Gloss HQ ready. Though in our case, it is a bit of an occupational hazard; it would almost be rude not to, right?

On the skincare front though, we wholeheartedly agree that less is more - experience has taught us that overloading the skin with creams and serums is not always the best policy. You're far more likely to catch us by the mirror with our latest lipstick than with a bottle promising fewer wrinkles.

It makes us wonder how we Brits compare to our laid-back US counterparts. What's your morning routine like? Let us know in the comments and make us feel a bit better about our bulging make-up bags…