The small hairstyle change that makes the biggest of impacts, our friends at Layered Online asked Fedrico, Advocate Stylist at Josh Wood Atelier about all things parting-related, and boy did he deliver. Combs at the ready…

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First off – just how important is the humble parting?
Very! A parting can make your face and hair look very different, so you should certainly play around with it and “try it all” until you find what you like and what suits you. 

We hear a lot about face shapes in the hair industry. Can that affect your ideal parting?
Yes, definitely. Firstly you should understand your face shape, and from there you can use your parting to create a balance. Pull your hair into a tight ponytail and look closely in the mirror to get an idea. A round face will tend to be wider at the sides, so a deep side parting should work to slim it down. A heart-shaped face will be wider at the cheeks, so will look good with a centre parting, while a square face can be softened with a parting just off centre. If you’ve got an oval face, then you’re lucky – because most partings are wearable.

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The ideal parting for my face shape doesn’t match the one it naturally falls into. How can I deal with that?
If you would like your hair to fall on a different side from what feels natural, then you need to establish it from wet hair and let it dry. For those who have a difficult hairline with a stubborn parting, cow’s lick or frizz, I would suggest using a very small amount of mousse. Comb it into towel-dried hair, and start blowdrying with a small brush or comb. Push the hair into the desired position, keeping it as flat as possible, then release it and let it cool. 

Let’s talk trends. Do fashionable partings really exist?
I believe what’s most important is that your parting suits you and your hairstyle. However, in the past couple of years on the catwalk we have seen a lot of very undone looking deep side partings. Combined with very natural and wearable looks, these are both super cool and should make life a lot easier! 

Any final tips before we part ways?
Everyone needs a little help from a professional once in a while, so mention your parting to your stylist, who will be more than happy to show you how to make it look good. That way you can recreate it at home – it’s amazing how such a small detail can make such a big difference.

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